Afghan females protest for rights in Kabul: Warning shots heard

Afghan females protest for rights in Kabul: Warning shots heard

Sawako Utsumi and Sawako Uchida

Modern Tokyo Times

A small protest of several dozen brave Afghan women demanding rights in Kabul was met by warning shots from the Taliban. Hence, a minor protest like this highlights the approach of the new ruling elites of Afghanistan.

Video footage shows brave women demanding basic human rights. However, the new Islamic Emirate wants to control society following extremely conservative concepts of Islamic Sharia law. Therefore, with opposition forces appearing crushed – outside other Islamist extremists affiliated to ISIS (IS – Islamic State) that would bestow a similar Sharia codified law on people – it is left to women to speak out against the violation of human rights.

Slogans expressed include, “We are awake, we hate discrimination” and “we are the voice of hungry people.”

Voice of America reports, “The protest comes two days after the ministry issued travel curbs on women across Afghanistan, further curtailing their rights. The new rules limit a woman’s ability to travel farther than 72 kilometers unless accompanied by a close male relative. They also require taxi drivers to offer rides only to women wearing an Islamic hijab or a headscarf and to refrain from playing music in their vehicles.”

The above follows other Taliban edicts. For example, television dramas – and other similar shows – will no longer show female actresses. Hence, the conservative Islamist shadow is spreading to all walks of society.

Lee Jay Walker says, “Taliban Islamist hypocrisy abounds. After all, the Taliban doesn’t mind accepting non-Muslim humanitarian economic assistance – despite their intolerance against apostates to non-Muslim faiths in Afghanistan. Equally, non-Muslim nations – and liberal-dominated Muslim countries – sending economic assistance all have women participating in society. Therefore, the humanitarian assistance that the Taliban takes is funded by international women from all faiths and no faiths – despite this, the Taliban seek to reduce women to shadows in Afghanistan.”

The protest in Kabul was relatively small. However, even a few dozen women had warning shots fired at them to disperse them and crush their souls.


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