Al-Nusra Sectarian Terrorist Leaders Killed in Syria in Special Operation

Al-Nusra Sectarian Terrorist Leaders Killed in Syria in Special Operation

Murad Makhumudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The secular government of Syria is on the frontline against international terrorism, while America continues to plot with Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia against this independent nation. Once more, the armed forces of Syria are showing the world that they remain vigilant and united against many external threats that seek chaos. Therefore, the deaths of leading figures within the al-Qaeda affiliated group will be welcomed throughout Syria because al-Nusra, just like ISIS (Islamic State – IS) and a plethora of other terrorist groups, seeks a sectarian state based on medieval laws and mass persecution of other religious groups.

Abu Homam al-Shama, Abu Musab Falastini, Abu Baraa Ansari and Abu Omar Kurdi were killed by a military air strike according to the internal information emanating from al-Nusra. These individuals will not be missed by the masses in Syria because al-Nusra is one of many vile terrorist and sectarian forces in Syria that relies on international intrigues.

In other words, al-Nusra, just like ISIS, care zilch about NATO Turkey or Israel. On the contrary, all major terrorist and sectarian forces feel protected near the border areas of Israel and Turkey. Indeed, terrorists from these two groups and from a plethora of others are often treated in hospitals in Israel and Turkey. Likewise, international intrigues utilize other nations and the same applies to Jordan, in order to destabilize Syria.

The BBC reports: “Details of the attack are unclear. However, the official Syrian news agency described it as a “unique operation” carried out by the Syrian army in the al-Habit area.”

Details still remain sketchy therefore the BBC continues: “Other sources quoted by Reuters said the strike had taken place in the town of Salqin, near the Turkish border.”

Clearly, the news will be welcomed by all nations that oppose international terrorism and sectarianism. However, in the corridors of power in Ankara, Doha, London, Riyadh, Paris and Washington, then this news will be received negatively because all these nations have plotted – and continue – to plot against secular Syria.

The special operation carried out by the armed forces of Syria is a clear indicator that this multi-religious military unit remains firm and united against internal and external enemies. It is time for outside nations to refrain from supporting sectarian and terrorist forces because the conflict is dragging on because of the collective evil deeds of America, France, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. Alongside these nations, Jordan and sinister forces in Lebanon have assisted the many terrorist ratlines that enable international terrorism to flourish in the Levant.

Of course, Hezbollah in Lebanon is assisting the rich mosaic in Syria against Takfiri barbarity that runs through the terrorist veins of terrorist groups like al-Nusra and ISIS. Similarly, the main Christian leader in Lebanon, Michel Aoun, is adamant that the government of Syria must survive the many sinister intrigues against this nation.


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