Belarus crackdown prompts Hackers to release info of security forces

Belarus crackdown prompts Hackers to release info of security forces

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

President Lukashenko of Belarus is using the state apparatus against opposition forces. This applies to mass arrests and other methods of coercion.

At the same time, the Russian Federation is increasing its support of Lukashenko. However, unlike the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, a more softly-softly approach is being witnessed by political elites in Moscow and Washington. Similarly, the European Union (EU) – despite upping the ante – is hopeful of an eventual compromise.

It appears that the geopolitical angle of Belarus – and the need to not rock the boat too much – is being adopted by all outside players. Hence, if a political change occurs, it will be based on internal factors. Therefore, Lukashenko is utilizing the state apparatus to crush opposition forces.

Meanwhile, opposition forces are utilizing aspects of social media and are reaching out to neighboring nations – and to the EU. Indeed, hackers opposed to Lukashenko are now releasing details of security forces.

It is known that data of 1,000 security forces (police and other security forces) were released by anti-Lukashenko forces. This relates to personal data and this will worry the state apparatus.

Anonymous hackers released information on Nexta Live (via the Telegram messaging app). They threatened to unleash more personal information and important data if the crackdown continues.

The message said, “No one will remain anonymous, even under a balaclava.

Also, “As the arrests continue, we will continue to publish data on a massive scale.”

Protests are continuing despite the crackdown in Minsk. Of course, opposition to Lukashenko isn’t anything new. However, this time he is being challenged to the hilt.

Since protests broke out in Belarus thousands of people have been detained. Hence, with Lukashenko relying on the security apparatus to hold onto power, he will be alarmed by hackers releasing information.

It seems that opposition forces are hoping that the EU will increase its role in the crisis.


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