Coronavirus and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics: 8 new cases in Tokyo and more nationally

Coronavirus and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics: 8 new cases in Tokyo and more nationally

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The clocking is ticking to the start of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Japan. However, with eight new cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) in Tokyo, then the concern is increasing. At the same time, another three cases have been announced in Wakayama and one new case in Nagoya. Therefore, despite recent positive announcements about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, it is clear that nervousness is increasing.

It is known that seven of the new cases in Tokyo are connected to a taxi driver. While the other new case in the capital involves a businessman who is in a critical condition. According to information he had traveled to the prefecture of Aichi recently.

What is extremely worrying for the government of Japan is the number of cases that appear not to be related to China. For example, two individuals in Nagoya who now have Covid-19 had recently returned together from Hawaii.

Equally alarming, cases are being announced throughout Japan. This includes Hokkaido in the far north, the prefecture of Okinawa, central Japan, Tokyo, and other areas. Therefore, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government must fear for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, even if people dare not say so openly at the moment.

Of course, for the central government, the fear is even greater. This relates to the general well being of the nation in terms of health and economics. Also, with the Japanese economy being sluggish – and with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe seeking to increase tourism – then the impact of Covid-19 will further impact negatively if the situation isn’t contained.

A few days ago, John Coates, the head of the inspection team for the International Olympic Committee (IOC), uttered, “Certainly the advice we’re received externally from the WHO (World Health Organization) is that there’s no case for any contingency plans or canceling the games or moving the games.”

However, with eight new cases in Tokyo alone since then, it could well be that the IOC needs to re-evaluate the situation if more negative news emanates from Tokyo and throughout Japan.


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