Earthquake hits Albania leaving at least 6 dead and many trapped by rubble

Earthquake hits Albania leaving at least 6 dead and many trapped by rubble

Kanako Itamae and Chika Mori

Modern Tokyo Times

A powerful 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Albania earlier today with the result being fatalities and several people trapped. It is known that at least 6 people have perished. Thus, with people being trapped by rubble, then fears persist that more fatalities may occur.

According to initial reports, a brave elderly lady managed to save her beloved grandson. Sadly, the elderly lady perished after her cradled body of protection succumbed to the ravages of the earthquake. However, her bravery and utter devotion speak volumes!

The BBC reports, A defense ministry spokeswoman confirmed firefighters and army staff were helping residents caught under the rubble in the coastal city of Durres, where three were killed.”

Two other people died in Thumane which is roughly 40km from Tirana. Indeed, the epicenter of the 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck near to this town. At the same time, reports suggest that some people remain trapped by rubble in this part of Albania.

Prime Minister Edi Rama stipulated, “It is a dramatic moment where we should preserve calm, stay alongside each other to cope with this shock.”

He continued, that agencies belonging to the government were “intensively working to save lives at the fatal spots in Durres and Thumane.”

The Guardian reports, “Located along the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, between Greece and Macedonia, Albania experiences regular seismic activity. A 5.6-earthquake shook the country on 21 September, damaging about 500 houses and destroying some. The defense ministry said it was the most powerful quake in Albania in the last 30 years.”

It is hoped that European nations will support Albania immediately.

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