Enemies of Syria are boosting ISIS and other Sectarian Forces: Palmyra Massacre

Enemies of Syria are boosting ISIS and other Sectarian Forces: Palmyra Massacre

Murad Makhmudov, Mitsuyo Tanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Gulf powers and NATO Turkey are the conduits of enormous terrorist and sectarian ratlines that need to be curtailed. Of course, their deeds were especially encouraged in the early part against Syria by other NATO powers that consist of America, France, and the United Kingdom. These NATO nations, alongside Qatar and Saudi Arabia, still insist on overthrowing the government of President Bashar al-Assad. This anti-Syria reality persists despite knowing the utter barbarity of terrorist and sectarian groups that will fill the vacuum.

Equally disturbing, it is clear that all anti-Syrian nations didn’t concern themselves with the destabilization of Iraq once more. After all, the knock on effect from Syria is the re-destabilization of Iraq. Yet this time it is clear that central forces and the military of this nation are too weak to fend for themselves. Therefore, this nation state is merely in name only at the moment. In truth, the Kurds have their power base in Iraq and the same applies to various Shia militias that assist central forces. Meanwhile, ISIS (Islamic State – IS) intends to create a state within a state in the Sunni heartland based on militant Salafi and Takfiri thought patterns.

Religious minorities in Iraq including the Christians, Mandaeans, Shabaks, and Yezidis, know full well about abandonment and religious cleansing at the hands of ISIS and other Takfiri Islamist groups. Therefore, the Alawites and Christians – and other minorities in Syria – know that their fate will be truly horrendous if the power of the Syrian government becomes weak. Despite this, the usual Western nations of America, France, and the United Kingdom, backed nations that had only sectarian and religious ideological aspirations. The upshot of this reality is that Christian churches and Muslim mosques are being destroyed by ISIS and various al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria. Indeed, Western nations once more have conspired to turn Christians into dhimmis whereby they now have to pay jizya or convert to Islam in areas under ISIS control – if unwillingly to pay jizya or convert then death awaits.

In Palmyra another massacre awaited people that could not escape ISIS and this reality duly took place. The Independent reports ISIS has slaughtered more than 400 mostly women and children in the ancient city of Palmyra, two days after capturing the ancient city.”


It should be noted that anyone deemed loyal to the government in Palmyra faces death and the same applies to their children because this is the ISIS Takfiri mindset. In other words, religious affiliation meant little because the initial concern of ISIS was to slaughter people who had any sort of link with the Syrian government. Like already mentioned, in the warped minds of ISIS then children were also killed in gruesome ways while Takfiri Islamists were praising Allah.

Alarmingly, this utter Takfiri Islamist barbarity is still gaining traction in the corridors of power in Ankara, Doha, and Riyadh. At the same time, America and Turkey are working together in order to create a new terrorist force irrespective of Obama’s manipulation of language. Therefore, the brutal massacre in Palmyra – and in other parts of Syria – is based on the intrigues of outside nations that support various Takfiri Islamist groups.

CNN reports in relation to Palmyra that Just when it seems the horror can grow no deeper, ISIS shows that man’s capacity for cruelty knows no bounds…The terrorist group, famous for posting online videos of beheadings of innocent victims, now takes depravity to new depths: Children have been executed.”

The stark truth is irrespective if ISIS is massacring adults and children – or other terrorist groups like al-Nusra are doing the same – these sectarian Takfiri groups couldn’t do if it wasn’t for the enemies of Syria. In other words, it is time for Ankara, Doha and Riyadh to focus on what they are enabling to take place in Syria because their collective hands are dripping in blood. Likewise, major Western powers including America, France and the United Kingdom have their hands dripping in blood because of their respective parts in the destabilization of Syria.

Palmyra also highlights the bankruptcy of the United Nations (UN) because nothing is being done against nations that are openly supporting terrorism, sectarianism and sedition. Indeed, it now appears that the UN is sanctioning nations to openly support various terrorist and sectarian proxies. After all, are the enemies of Syria being held accountable for their respective roles in sponsoring and enabling terrorism to spread?

The Syrian Arab News Agency reports: These and other ISIS atrocities are being perpetrated amid shameful international silence, with the Security Council only expressing “concern” without taking any practical deterrent measures on the ground.”

Overall, it is abundantly clear that outside nations meddling in Syria are boosting terrorism and sectarianism. This reality means that the death of Syrian soldiers is laying the path for more gains by ISIS and various al-Qaeda affiliates. Apparently, the beheading of civilians, cleansing of minorities, selling people into slavery – and other brutal realities – doesn’t seem to concern the enemies of Syria. Similarly, the UN is doing nothing against nations that are openly supporting and enabling this barbarity to take place. Therefore, more massacres await the people of Syria and the same applies to the eradication of civilization by “year zero Islamists” that hate Christianity and diversity within Islam.





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