Germany Seeks to Silence Social Media: Immigration and the GDR Mirror

Germany Seeks to Silence Social Media: Immigration and the GDR Mirror

Helmut Joachim Schmidt, Amina Qamar, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The government of Germany under Chancellor Merkel is a nation that tolerates migrant child marriages, ignores the fear of mass immigration that is altering the landscape quickly – and is set on engineering a multicultural and multi-religious nation that dilutes German culture. Of course, given the power of social media – and Merkel not being content with a mainly compliant media – then Germany is now threatening Facebook and Twitter in order to silence dissenting voices.

Ironically, Merkel and the Justice Minister, Heiko Maas, are utilizing holocaust denial. Of course, the irony couldn’t be more ironic because the same Merkel’s Germany is seeing the rapid growth of Sunni Islamism. This is based on Merkel’s migration “come on in” policy that betrays real refugees including the Yazidis who have no majority nation to flee, Christians fleeing in the Middle East and the downtrodden Shia who are butchered in countless nations by Sunni Takfiris.

Merkel and Maas – and others in the current German government – are intent on suppressing the fears of many indigenous Germans by utilizing the mass media and the politically correct agenda. In other words, diverse views are not desired because Merkel seeks to alter the cultural landscape at a rapid speed. The upshot being the growth of Salafi Islam, child marriages, terrorist attacks, more security to protect cultural events, and the mass molestation of women including the shocking events of Cologne.

Germans who just seek a society based on preserving the dominant culture are being ignored by so-called elites who have a multicultural, multi-religious, and cheap labor agenda. Of course, in the eyes of Merkel and the politically correct media, normal Germans who don’t follow the party line are deemed racist and xenophobic. Therefore, the terminology of the “far right” is used at all occasions in order to crush genuine debate and to engineer a new Germany based on the ashes of indigenous culture.

Not surprisingly, with a compliant and irrelevant media being a rubber stamp for “the new Germany,” then the power of social media faces the threat of the GDR (German Democratic Republic) mirror. This GDR mirror is based on individuals like Merkel and Maas – note, when terrorist attacks happened in quick succession in Germany the leader Merkel just continued with her holiday – therefore, Germany seeks to crush social media.

Senior individuals in the upper tier at Facebook, for example, Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, are reported to be facing a lawsuit that was handed to a court in Munich. For Merkel and Mass who fear real news reaching the German people, then clearly they will welcome this. Sadly, this is the reality of the new Germany under Merkel.

Mass and the Merkel government seek to utilize the Audiovisual Media Services Directive based on new European Union revisions. These revisions for Germany must include sanctions and penalizing social media companies that tolerate the freedom of expression. Of course, you will always have certain limits to freedom but in Merkel’s new Germany the slippery slope is never ending – and clearly Mass desires greater regulation. In other words, the political correct directive of Merkel’s government wants “a social media closed shop” just like the largely compliant media of Germany when it comes to immigration, racial issues, and numbing down on reports about unfavorable race crimes.

Of course, the utter hypocrisy is shown openly by growing Turkish nationalism in Germany and more alarmingly, the growth of Salafi Takfiri Islam that deems all and sundry to be unequal. Indeed, Christian refugees face Islamist threats in housing projects and camps designed for refugees and migrants. Despite this, little is being done to counter growing hatred towards the indigenous and non-Muslim refugees because it doesn’t suit the agenda of Merkel. Similarly, the transformation of Sunni Islam that faces Takfiri and Salafi versions based on supremacy isn’t being tackled enough – on the contrary, the Salafi message is openly being spread.

In a past article, Modern Tokyo Times, said, Open Doors Germany did a survey of several hundred Christians fleeing persecution. These Christians, mainly from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, stress overwhelmingly that they suffer persecution in areas housing refugees/economic migrants. This applies to newly arrived Muslims persecuting Christians and security personnel from the same faith. Overall, an astonishing 88 % of Christians stated they had been targeted because of the faith they hold and this includes 32 % who received verbal death threats.”

The same Merkel government is also spying on individuals to a much greater degree than past German leaders. Modern Tokyo Times in an earlier article said, Merkel, the state apparatus, and a largely compliant elite media campaign are working hand-in-hand with manipulating facts on the ground, while also deeming all opponents of mass migration with being far-right, racist, narrow-minded bigots and so forth. Not content with this, the new Merkel GDR mirror is now allowing intelligence agencies to spy on German nationals if they happen to be deemed politically suspicious. In other words, so-called democratic Germany that tolerates radical Salafists spreading hatred is now intent on intimidating individuals who happen to oppose the Merkel mass male migration diktat.”

If Merkel and Mass continue with the current policy agenda then not only will the ethnic and religious dynamics change dramatically, but, equally important, dissenting voices – and the stitching up of social media – will equate to the erosion of democracy. Indeed, the mirror of the GDR is increasingly part and parcel of Merkel’s new Germany. In turn, this is being rubber stamped by the politically correct media, crushing of alternative voices based on the manipulation of language, educational indoctrination – and other areas of society. Therefore, with social media providing “a voice for the voiceless” and being an area that ushers in important news information that is being neglected, then not surprisingly Merkel and Mass seek to silence and further the slippery slope.


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