Incompetent PM Truss of UK to declare China a threat

Incompetent PM Truss of UK to declare China a threat

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The distance that separates China and the United Kingdom is slightly over 7,700 km. However, despite the enormous distance between both nations, the leader of the United Kingdom seeks to classify China as being a “threat.”

Northeast Asia is witnessing the expansion of NATO powers into the region. Hence, this is a forewarning to China that certain Western nations – notably America and the United Kingdom – are increasingly adopting hostile policies.

The United Kingdom, similar to America, faces endless mass immigration. Thus the indigenous in many major cities in the United Kingdom are decreasing dramatically in percentage terms. In recent times, the main threat from terrorism and organizations that seek to change the British way of life stems from Sunni Islamism (the majority of Sunni Muslims are opposed to Islamists). Therefore, to declare China a “threat” to the United Kingdom is ridiculous.

America and the United Kingdom utilized gunboat diplomacy in Northeast Asia during the nineteenth century. Shamefully, the United Kingdom even sought to enforce the increased production of opium in China – the Opium Wars. While in the geopolitical space of China, the nation of America dropped nuclear bombs on Japan and used Agent Orange against Vietnam (also dropped Agent Orange on Cambodia and Laos despite not being at war). However, despite the shameful past of America and the United Kingdom in Northeast Asia, they seek to contain China in modern times.

Iain Duncan Smith, a past leader of the Conservatives (2001-2003), said, “It is time we stopped messing around and recognized that China poses a threat to the way we live our lives, and it is time now to treat them in the same way we treat Russia.”

A spokesperson for Downing Street said, “As she has said, Russia remains the biggest threat to the UK but China represents the most serious long-term threat to our values and way of life.”

People in the United Kingdom fully understand the relentless demographic changes that are taking place. In recent times, the only external threat stems from Islamic terrorism – attacks from London to Manchester have killed many. Likewise, real issues related to high crime, narcotics (ironic given the role of the British concerning the Opium Wars), the working poor, limited working rights, and other issues concern all British nationals irrespective of ethnicity.

The Guardian reports, “Britain’s stance towards China has swung dramatically in less than a decade, from the “golden era” proclaimed by David Cameron in 2015, the year in which its president, Xi Jinping, was granted a state visit to the UK. Beijing signaled it was keen to invest in strategic industries in Britain, such as nuclear power.”

In the space of such a short time, it seems that America, Australia, Japan, and the United Kingdom are increasingly becoming intolerant and irrational. This notably applies to America and the United Kingdom on a global level – while Australia and Japan are rubber-stamping the policies of America to the detriment of China in the natural geopolitical space of this nation.

Ironically, the United Kingdom faces a real test to survive. This concerns a possible future referendum on the independence of Scotland and the Irish Question (related to Northern Ireland). Also, if either convulsion happens, this might trigger Wales to focus on the European Union – similar to Scotland.

Despite this, Truss deems China a threat!


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