India is steadfast to Russia: America, the EU, Japan, and the UK

India is steadfast to Russia: America, the EU, Japan, and the UK

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

India remains steadfast to the Russian Federation despite the efforts of America, the European Union, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Hence, like the vast majority of nations in Africa, Asia, and South America who have no interest in sanctions being imposed on the Russian Federation, the non-alignment path of India shines strongly.

Nobody expects anything from Japan in Asia. Instead, Japan is just a rubber-stamp of America concerning its hostile stance against the Russian Federation (Japan never concerned itself with sanctions on America concerning Vietnam and Agent Orange, taking Kosovo from Serbia, or recent military campaigns from Iraq to Libya). Thus, if the United Nations is expanded to take in another permanent member, this nation must be India.

This relates to India’s time and tested democracy and its independent stance on the international arena (unlike Japan which isn’t independent to any degree – just a leftover from history under the tutelage of America).

America, the European Union (EU), Japan, and the United Kingdom, have all put various types of pressure on India. However, India understands what nations assisted Pakistan throughout history – just like India knows that America, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom played the international Islamist terrorist card in Afghanistan to oust Najibullah several decades ago. Therefore, India’s concern about international terrorism – just like events in the early 1970s – witnessed Western intrigues throughout the region that were detrimental to India.

Modern Tokyo Times recently stated, “The colonial-minded nations of the United States and the United Kingdom – similar to the European Union (EU) – seek to bully and coerce independent nations. Hence, from Hungary (EU) to India, independent nations face enormous pressure to follow the diktats of Brussels, London, and Washington. Therefore, the “New Democratic Order” concerns colonial-minded nations that seek to dictate.”

The External Affairs Minister of India, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, said, “We have to be confident about who we are. I think it is better to engage the world on the basis of who we are rather than try and please the world as a pale imitation of what they are.” 

Modern Tokyo Times continued, “Independent nations face the wrath of Washington’s power concentration policies – and this is delegated to the EU, Japan, and the United Kingdom to rubber-stamp. Hence, the very soul of independence is being crushed by the so-called “progressive democrats” who look down with disdain on Hungary, India, the Russian Federation, Serbia, and any nation that refuses to cave in.” 

Jaishankar continued, “The West should remember what happened in Afghanistan less than a year ago, where an entire civil society was thrown under the bus by the world.”

He continued – and very important for Japan to take note instead of bowing down to America – “When the rules-based order was under challenge in Asia, the advice we got from Europe is: Do more trade. At least we’re not giving you that advice.”

It is hoped that the democracies of Brazil, India, Mexico, South Africa, and many others will continue to ignore external pressure emanating from G-7 nations that disregard – and break – international law when it suits. India is on the right side of history – Japan, to no surprise under the increasingly nationalist Liberal Democratic Party, is on the “colonial minded side of history” under the tutelage of America.

At the moment, the New Democratic Order of rubber-stamping the objectives of America is at a fever pitch in the majority of EU nations, Japan, and the UK. Yet, a backlash is being heard in parts of Africa, Asia, and South America. After all, these nations don’t seek to be dictated to by the colonial-minded countries who utilize economic leverages to dictate their respective one-world agenda. Therefore, with America – and other G-7 nations – abusing international law when it suits (Afghanistan, bombing of Serbia and taking Kosovo, Iraq, Libya, and destabilizing Syria – and countless other events in history from Operation Condor to Agent Orange): this is awakening a backlash against their imposed world order.

India stands for independence in Asia and internationally – Japan stands for America’s power-based economic, geopolitical, and military order – it is obvious which side is on the right side of history!


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