Iran abuse in Evin Prison showed by Edalat-e Ali

Iran abuse of prisoners in Evin Prison showed by Edalat-e Ali

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The brutality of Evin Prison in Tehran was shown by Edalat-e Ali (Ali’s Justice) after they hacked into the surveillance system. This notorious prison in Tehran is synonymous with political torture, the persecution of religious minorities, sexual violence against prisoners, and other brutal deeds in Iran. Therefore, images of a frail old inmate and a person being punched and kicked provide a small glimpse into the authoritarian nature of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Torture of the Baha’i religious minority to apostates from Islam to Christianity have met terrible fates in Evin Prison. Likewise, intellectuals who question the ruling political and clerical elites – to anyone deemed an enemy of the state – know that mental torture, rape, violence, and other brutal deeds await them at this prison. Of course, other prisons in Iran are known for violating human rights and ethnic minorities also suffer in several parts of Iran for merely demanding greater cultural and political representation.

Info Security reports, “Silent videos capturing the dire conditions of life inside Tehran’s Evin Prison were shared with the media on Sunday by hacktivist group Tapandegan (Palpitations). Iran International reports that the Tapandegan received the images from a hacking group calling itself Edalat-e Ali (Ali’s Justice).”

Ayatollah Hussein-Ali Montazeri wrote to Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1986 and said, “Did you know that young women are raped in some of the prisons of the Islamic Republic?”

State oppression goes back many decades. Hence, footage released by Edalat-e Ali this year could be yesteryear, today, and the future because no sign of change is emerging in the oppressive state of Iran. On the contrary, the authoritarian nature of the state is endlessly consolidating power by utilizing the state apparatus to crush dissent.

Human Rights Watch says, “The [Evin] authorities use threats of torture, threats of indefinite imprisonment and torture of family members, deception and humiliation, multiple daily interrogations lasting up to five or six hours, denial of medical care, and denial of family visits.”

Officials in Iran had little option but to admit that the videos are genuine. However, it is a face-saving measure because few people expect the current political and religious elites to adopt measures to protect human rights.

More likely, the state apparatus will monitor technology and surveillance networks even more. Thus ethnic, political, social, and religious persecution will continue under the current rulers of Iran.


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