Iran should be held accountable for the death of Vahid Sayadi Nasiri

Iran should be held accountable for the death of Vahid Sayadi Nasiri

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Islamic Republic of Iran should be held accountable for the death of Vahid Sayadi Nasiri, who sadly passed away after spending 60 days on hunger strike. Indeed, how Islamic is it to sentence Nasiri to prison on the grounds of condemning Ayatollah Ali Khamenei? After all, is the Ayatollah a deity that is protected by religious law – or, is Iran committing blasphemy based on sanctifying Ayatollah Ali Khamenei?

It is known that Nasiri was arrested in the autumn of 2015 on the grounds of insulting Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Similarly, he was accused of spreading propaganda against the state apparatus of Iran. Hence, the self-serving state apparatus sentenced Nasiri to eight years in prison based on the need to crush dissent and any semblance of freedom.

The BBC reports, “He was released last March after serving two-and-a-half years in prison but detained again five months later.”

Sadly, the only crime committed by Nasiri was to express his views openly on social media. In Iran, a theocratic state that fears religious and political freedom – the state apparatus crushes dissent based on ruling by fear. Therefore, it isn’t rare for dissidents to pass away inside the walls of various prisons in Iran.

His sister, Elaheh, stipulated to the Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty that “…authorities had informed the family that the activist had died.” Hence, another brutal death that says much about modern-day Iran.

Nasiri, who was deeply upset by the policies of the central state prior to being put in prison, equally condemned the legal system that fails to protect the basic rights of freedom of conscience. He was also visibly upset by the prison regime that seeks to crush the soul. Therefore, for religious and political elites in Iran, the state apparatus is open to rubber-stamp the so-called justice system.

One can only imagine the terrifying last moments of Nasiri and how he felt betrayed by the country he was born. Indeed, he was put in prison on the diktats of self-serving religious and political elites – and he was buried with utter disdain. Hence, it is high time that Iran is held accountable for the death of innocents – rather than focusing on economic and geopolitical factors.

After all, the policy of “democracy at home” but supporting brutal regimes abroad doesn’t wash. Instead, it sullies all democratic nations that claim to have moral principles.

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