Sunni Islamists massacre over 130 in Burkina Faso

Sunni Islamists massacre over 130 in Burkina Faso

Murad Makhumdov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The nation of Burkina Faso is blighted by Sunni Islamist terrorist groups and ethnic tensions. Indeed, ethnic, religious, and political tensions throughout the Sahel region are extremely alarming. Therefore, ethnic and Islamist massacres occur in Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Niger, and in the environs of this vast region.

Reports of the latest massacre of over 130 people by suspected Sunni Islamists in northeast Burkina Faso aren’t shocking anymore. After all, massacres are all too common in this part of Africa.

Reuters reports, “The attackers struck during the night on Friday, killing residents of the village of Solhan in Yagha province, bordering Niger. They also burned homes and the market, the government said in a statement.”

President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré uttered, “We must stand united against the forces of evil.”

However, with political tensions blighting Chad and Mali then the weak infrastructures of the region are being pulverized by Islamists loyal to al-Qaeda, ISIS (Islamic State – ISIS), and other Islamist forces. Likewise, ethnic tensions and criminality are widespread. Therefore, millions of refugees have fled internally and externally throughout the Sahel.

The BBC reports, “In another attack on Friday night, 14 people were reported to have been killed in the village of Tadaryat, about 150km (93 miles) to the north of Solhan.”

Other parts of Burkina Faso are also witnessing bloodshed and mayhem. For example, last month 30 people were killed in a brutal attack in the eastern part of this country.

Pressure must also be put on Islamist ratlines in Gulf nations that are exporting radical Sunni Islamism either directly or by stealth. Therefore, the international community needs to boost the weak infrastructures throughout the Sahel.


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