Kherson falls while NATO weapons kill Russians: Putin and no red lines

Kherson falls while NATO weapons kill Russians: Putin and no red lines

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Novorossiya (New Russia) is the historical name of where pro-Russian civilians (Ethnic Russians or others) who support joining the Russian Federation reside. The Donbass (Donbas) environs and Novorossiya naturally tie with the Russian Federation. However, the Soviet Union altered the borders dramatically under Communist rule to the detriment of Russians.

Western intrigues support Ukrainian nationalism and seek to alter the role of Russian culture within society – and the natural flow of geopolitics that witnessed favorable ties between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. This culminated in 2014 with the unleashing of potent Ukrainian nationalism and the bombardment of Russian cultural-dominated areas in the Donbass (Donbas) region.

Moving forward to the conflict between Ukraine and historical Russian cultural regions, President Vladimir Putin spoke of the need to protect Russians and pro-Russians of different ethnic groups – that favored joining the Russian Federation. However, Putin and Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu are hindering the armed forces of the Russian Federation concerning strange policies since the conflict began.

In August, Modern Tokyo Times said, “President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation isn’t issuing any red lines to America, the United Kingdom, and other NATO powers that are sending military hardware to Ukraine Thus an endless supply of more sophisticated weapons is being sent to nationalist forces in Ukraine. Therefore, it is surprising that indigenous Russian forces in this region and the armed forces of the Russian Federation are being allowed to be killed by the deeds of America, the United Kingdom, and other NATO powers without the fear of any retaliation.”

Fast forward to November, and the armed forces of the Russian Federation- and regional indigenous allies – were ordered to abandon the city of Kherson. Kiev (Kyiv) was embarrassing from day one because while the armed forces could easily reach the capital of Ukraine, it soon became apparent that the military elites had no continuing policy. Therefore, the armed forces were told to pull back – with many Russian soldiers dying for nothing.

Kharkov (Kharkiv) was another embarrassment in September – following others. After all, the Kharkov (Kharkiv) region borders the Russian Federation. Hence, it should be inconceivable that logistics, manpower, and so forth are issues for a major military power near its border.

However, with Putin allowing every NATO nation to send military arms to kill Russians without any fear of retaliation – and the complete incompetence of Shoigu – then the armed forces of the Russian Federation couldn’t even hold onto areas taken near the border of the Russian Federation.

Reuters reports, “Shoigu also alleged Ukrainian military operations were being planned by the United States and Britain, and that NATO had increased its troop deployment in eastern and central Europe “several times over.”

So why did Putin and Shoigu decide on a military conflict if so ill-prepared to face the consequences of NATO intrigues? Hence, Putin (despite grand speeches) and Shoigu are clutching at straws. Thus when areas in Kharkov (Kharkiv) were falling to Ukrainian forces – Putin and Shoigu were watching military exercises in the Russian Far East. Therefore, no shock that while the Russian Federation is pulling out of most of Kherson, the Russian Federation is also doing military exercises with Belarus.

America – and other NATO powers – continue to fight a proxy war against the Russian Federation. Thus, South Korea, noting the weakness of the Russian Federation, isn’t concerned about supplying weapons to another anti-Russian Federation nation (Poland). After all, under Putin, even the energy pipelines in Sakhalin haven’t been closed to Japan.

Pro-Russian Federation civilians in Novorossiya and Donbass (Donbas) must be wondering if their areas will collapse – similar to Kherson – irrespective of temporary or permanent. Similarly, the Russian Federation – and regional pro-Russian forces – are being told to pull out after fellow soldiers have died fighting for “mother Russia.” Therefore, morale will deteriorate if Putin and Shoigu continue to tie the hands of the military.

The armed forces of the Russian Federation – and civilians of Donbass (Donbas) and Novorossiya who are pro-Russia – are badly being let down by Putin.

Currently, the Russian Federation is fighting a defensive war. However, Ukraine and NATO powers are on the offensive – with every NATO power being responsible for killing Russian soldiers and civilians.

Conflicts can quickly change – and the Russian Federation might galvanize itself. If so, some red lines are needed and not just soundbites.

Many Russian soldiers have died for “mother Russia” because of the historical reality of Novorossiya and other areas with strong ties to the Russian Federation. They deserved better from the political and military elites in distant Moscow.

NATO powers also need to acknowledge the historical ties of history in the area of conflict – rather than threatening a wider war based on anti-Russia lies. Ukraine expanded under the Soviet Union and Communism – how ironic that NATO powers seek to preserve these unjust borders.

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