PM of Spain calls regional election on Dec 21 after Catalan leader removed under Article 155

PM of Spain calls regional election on December 21 after Catalan leader removed under Article 155

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The government of Spain at a moment of crisis ushered in Article 155 in the hope of preserving the unity of the nation-state. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy took this action based on the provocations of the regional parliament of Catalonia under Carles Puigdemont. Hence, a regional election will be held on December 21 where all Catalans will be welcomed to participate, unlike the low turnout of the referendum held in Catalonia by nationalist forces.

Indeed, even for individuals within Catalonia and outside this area who appear to be focused on dismantling Spain, then can they truly claim that 38 percent is a mandate? If so, then why isn’t Crimea recognized internationally given the extremely high total of individuals who voted for independence and unity with the Russian Federation?

Equally, in pro-Spanish corridors of political power then for too long, the center enabled Catalan nationalists to take the high ground without countering the enormous benefits of unity and falsehoods ushered by Catalan nationalists. In other words, for central forces then it is time for Spain to reclaim the high ground and preserve the nation-state based on various power mechanisms. At the same time, to undermine Catalan nationalists and the usual disorder of far-left political parties in a marriage of convenience that will immediately fall away based on realpolitiks.

El Pais reports, On December 21, the Catalans will have the chance to go to the polls, after the Spanish government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy assumed on Friday powers to call elections from the regional premier, Carles Puigdemont. Under Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution, which was invoked on Friday by the Senate…”

The leader of Spain after invoking Article 155 then removed Puigdemont from his position of power along with the entire membership of his regional government. Of course, according to Rajoy, he was left with no option. After all, the usurpation of Spain by Catalan nationalists on such a low turnout that equates to 38 percent of Catalonians voting for independence is extremely disturbing. Equally, the same applies to the narrative peddled by nationalist forces that have utilized the weakness of central forces of Spain for too long.

Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, a spokesperson of the government of Spain, said, “The Catalans will be able to say what they feel about what they’ve been seeing in this last year, with all sorts of failing the law, abusing the law and putting themselves outside the law.”

The leader of Spain is visibly shocked by the endless rhetoric of Catalan nationalists and how such a minority could challenge the nation-state. He said, “What has happened is heartbreaking and distressing…but we are going to work for tranquility and the hopes of all Catalans.”

Rajoy continued by stating, The state has at its disposition the sufficient means so that, in a peaceful and moderate way, it can return to legal normality and dissolve the threats that [pro-independence forces] are making toward coexistence.”

Of course, nobody knows how events will unfold in the next two months before the regional election is held. However, Spain must be prepared for dirty tricks and possible provocations based on certain individuals who are instigating on social media. In other words, false red flags and nationalist rhetoric spreading misinformation – or anti-Spain forces waiting to utilize an event by ill means are all possibilities given the heightened tension.

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