Pneumonic Plague kills 7 in Madagascar

Pneumonic Plague kills 7 in Madagascar

Kanako Mita and Sawako Uchida

Modern Tokyo Times

The deadly pneumonic plague is known to have killed 7 people, including a child, in Madagascar. At the same time, another 22 patients are being treated for the pneumonic plague. Therefore, with several of the deaths not being known until postmortems were taken, the medical sector is on high alert.

Despite the pneumonic plague being extremely deadly, antibiotics in most cases are effective. Hence, time is of the essence in curing people.

Madagascar earlier this year had reported deaths from the bubonic plague. Unlike the pneumonic plague that is hitting the environs of the capital city, the bubonic plague is notable in the central highlands of this nation. However, it can spread to other regions.

BMC reported about several outbreaks of the bubonic plague earlier this year in Madagascar. BMC reports, “From January 1 to March 11, 2021, at least 21 confirmed cases of bubonic plague have been confirmed in Madagascar [5]. Eight of these cases have been reported since March 1, 2021, in Ambositra and Mandarina [5]. Since the start of the year 2021, 37 suspected cases have been reported, affecting multiple regions, including Alaotra-Mangoro, Analamanga, Haute Matsiatra, and Itasy [5]. Until 12 March 2021, the disease led to approximately nine deaths.”

The New York Times reports, “Pneumonic plague kills even faster than the better-known bubonic form, which is transmitted by flea bites and gets its name from the infected lymph nodes that form large, swollen “buboes” in the groin, armpits and neck.”

Hence, with the latest outbreak being the pneumonic plague that kills faster than bubonic, it is essential that people are helped immediately. However, the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis and early overlapping signs with the pneumonic plague are problematic until obvious differences emerge.


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