Protests in Kenya over the rising cost of living

Protests in Kenya over the rising cost of living

Sawako Uchida and Sawako Utsumi

Modern Tokyo Times

Kenya witnessed significant protests against the rising cost of living. Accordingly, the police clashed with protesters, and one student was killed. Roughly 30 police officers were also injured – along with several protesters.

Raila Odinga – the leading opposition figure – organized the protests. He claims that the high cost of living is driving too many people to the edge.

The police have arrested over 200 people. However, they justify their clampdown because of attacks against the police and the need to restore order.

Naturally, Odinga – and the protesters – deem police action to be heavy-handed and unwarranted.

Voice of America reports, “Odinga narrowly lost to President William Ruto in last year’s election. The longtime opposition leader has called for the protests to be repeated every Monday and Thursday.”

Odinga’s convoy in Nairobi came under attack by the police. Also, while Odinga was speaking in the Eastleigh area, the police used water cannons against protesters.

The BBC reports, “In the western city of Kisumu, where Mr. Odinga draws a fanatical following, riot police confronted protesters.”

It is hoped that all sides will call for restraint and focus on solutions to the high cost of living. If not, political tensions will increase further.

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