Russia and Iran Need to Fully Support Syria: Gulf States, Turkey and US

Russia and Iran Need to Fully Support Syria: Gulf States, Turkey and US

Ramazan Khalidov, Takeshi Hasegawa and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The estranged administration of President Obama is still working with powerful Gulf powers and the government of Turkey in order to overthrow the government of Syria. New forces being trained by America and Turkey against Syria – and increasing potency of military equipment in the hands of various terrorist and sectarian forces – provides ample evidence of this reality. Therefore, with fresh waves of Takfiri Islamist forces entering Syria from NATO Turkey, it is imperative that the Russian Federation and Iran do more to support Syria.

If not, then all religious minorities (Alawites, Christians, Shia Muslims and the Druze community) face a brutal and bleak future. On top of this, indigenous Sunni Islam will be eradicated from the map. This sinister reality will weaken Syria for decades to come and clearly by this time the Christian faith will turn to dust in this land, just like what is happening in Iraq and Kosovo. At the same time, the Alawites in Syria face the fate that currently is befalling the Christians, Shabaks and Yazidis of Iraq, after America and various allies opened up a can of worms that became filled by Gulf intrigues.

It is known in the Russian Federation and Iran – and throughout the world – that NATO Turkey is a major conduit for international jihadists, covert operatives, mercenaries, military hardware and a nation that helps al-Qaeda and ISIS fighters when they get injured. Given this reality, it is high time that Russia and Iran re-equip the Syrian armed forces with highly advanced weaponry. If not, then Syria is being abandoned to a pack of wolves that seek yet another failed state just like what happened to Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

America and Turkey are utilizing the CIA and MIT in order to further destabilize Syria and obviously fresh waves are entering this sovereign nation once more. It is farcical that NATO Turkey isn’t facing expulsion from this alleged bastion of democracy. After all, how many international jihadists are allowed to enter NATO Turkey until enough is enough? Also, why isn’t NATO questioning the role of members like America and Turkey for playing into the hands of various terrorist forces, including al-Nusra (al-Nusrah) and ISIS (Islamic State – IS)?

The Russian Federation clearly understands that various Takfiri sectarian terrorists from the Caucasus region and Central Asia are entering Syria based on “the no border control” and “no visa control” of modern day Turkey. Obviously, this reality augurs negatively for Moscow and various governments throughout Central Asia. Therefore, it is essential that Russia sends covert operatives and provides state-of-the-art military technology to Syria in order “to kill two birds with one stone.”

Iran also knows full well that the Shia Houthis in Yemen face an enormous ongoing onslaught by the Saudi Arabia led coalition. Just like Saudi Arabia helped to support Bahrain in order to crush the Shia, and individuals from within the Sunni faith, who oppose the ruling elites in this country. At the same time, Shia Muslims suffer enormously – along with all individuals in Iraq irrespective if Sunni Muslim, Christian, Yazidi, Shabak, and so forth – based on the vacuum created by America and followed by the intrigues of several Gulf powers. Obviously, for major Gulf powers their intrigues were directed towards the Shia in Iraq based on their respective sectarian and despotic ways.

Therefore, Iran, just like the Russian Federation, must understand that Syria is not only protecting the religious mosaic but this nation is also on the frontline in defending its independent foreign policy. If Syria falls then the next domino will be who?

Not only this, the brutality being supported by feudal monarchies that are butchering, beheading and enslaving based on Takfiri Islamist mindsets is exceptionally barbaric. It is utter madness that America is siding with forces that are fighting against two military forces that are standing up to various al-Qaeda affiliates and ISIS (notably Syria). In other words, why is America siding with nations that are fighting proxies in Syria and now are bombing the Shia Houthis in Yemen? After all, the weakening (or defeat) of the Syrian government and Shia Houthis in Yemen will only embolden various al-Qaeda affiliates. This notably applies to al-Nusra (Syria) and AQAP (Yemen) alongside emboldening ISIS in Syria and helping to spread this Takfiri Islamist terrorist force in Yemen.

Alawites (Syria), Christians (Iraq and Syria), Shia Muslims (Syria and Yemen), Yazidis (Iraq), Shabaks (Iraq) and the Druze (Syria) face the Takfiri Islamist sword that seeks to slaughter and enslave. In Iraq, the majority Shia community also faces the wrath of ISIS sectarian hatred. At the same time, Sunni Muslim clerics have been butchered in Iraq and Syria respectively for standing up to Salafi indoctrination. Likewise, Sunni Muslims in Syria face the same Takfiri sword if they are loyal to their homeland.

Overall, with various terrorist and Takfiri sectarian groups obtaining more highly advanced weapons then it is time for Russia and Iran – and other friendly nations – to increase their economic, political and military support of Syria. If this doesn’t happen, then major NATO and Gulf powers will be emboldened to further destabilize Syria based on bleeding the armed forces and the economy to death. On top of this, the continuing violation of international law will continue and new nations will face the same barbaric intrigues.

Syria gave shelter to mainly Sunni Muslim Palestinians that fled their homeland. Decades later the same Syria opened itself to Christians, Sunni Muslims, and Shia Muslims, that fled the carnage of Iraq. However, unlike Syria, brutal outside nations are supporting sectarianism at all costs in order to defeat this independent and secular state that supports the religious mosaic.

Therefore, how many people must die in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen based on the usual intrigues until enough is enough? Similarly, how many religious minorities must suffer because of major Gulf and NATO powers that create vacuums based on destabilization policies, before these nations are held accountable?


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