Sweden and the Predictable Sunni Islamist Terrorist Path in Europe: PC Collateral Damage

Sweden and the Predictable Sunni Islamist Terrorist Path in Europe: PC Collateral Damage

Jibril Khoury, Chika Mori, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Sunni Islamist terrorism is a daily reality for Shia Muslims in several nations based on the Takfiri mindset that deems all and sundry to be either an apostate or that non-Muslims are infidels and worthy of killing. Europe is now witnessing the growing reality of Sunni Islamist terrorism, while the intrigues of the Muslim Brotherhood hope to utilise the naivety of certain European nations that are tolerating a major influx of migrants. After all, Gulf petrodollars and Takfiri versions of Islam are penetrating past indigenous Sunni Muslim traditions in Europe, thereby in some cities in Europe, it is noticeable that dress codes and mindsets are changing.

Indeed, this Salafi mindset is altering the dynamics of traditional Sunni Muslim forces in Indonesia and Malaysia respectively in Asia. Similarly, indigenous Sunni Muslim traditions in nations like the Cameroon and Nigeria (Christianity is a major force in both nations) are being supplanted by Sunni Islamist radicalism, emanating from Gulf Takfiri traditions and militancy in nations like Sudan. Therefore, it is essential for Europe to wake up because the politically correct mantra of “we are open, liberal, democratic, and united” is wearing thin.

In recent times the sword of Sunni Islamism is growing in visibility based on terrorist attacks in Berlin, Brussels, London, Nice, Paris, St Petersburg, and Stockholm. This follows on from past terrorist attacks from the same forces in Beslan, London, Madrid, Moscow, and others. However, the real and more threatening “ticking bomb” is happening in certain major cities in Europe where Sunni Islamist Sharia is ruling by stealth and the demographic balance is shifting quickly.

Of course, for the current Pope and the politically correct ruling elites, it appears that European victims to terrorism are nothing more than collateral damage. The same obviously applies to abusing taxpayers money on the politically correct agenda, the growing reality of higher crime, communities becoming more divided, the welfare state facing economic shortages, and a religious Sunni Islamist ideology that is focused on supplanting older European traditions.

In the latest terrorist attack in Stockholm that killed 4 people and injured many, it soon emerged that the same Sunni Islamist path happened once more. Like usual, the apologists will gloss over reality and adorable speeches will say, “We are all one and united.” However, this is an utter fallacy because in the cradle of Sunni Islam in Saudi Arabia not one Buddhist temple or Christian church is tolerated. Indeed, if a non-Muslim male desired to marry a Saudi Muslim female they would face prison or death in accordance with Islamic Sharia law. Despite this, the self-induced dhimmis in Canterbury and Rome will ignore this reality and the same applies to the politically correct that turn “a blind eye.”

Turning back to the latest terrorist attack in Europe that hit Stockholm, then Reuters reports, A 39-year-old Uzbek man being held in custody is the suspected driver of a hijacked beer delivery truck that plowed into crowds in central Stockholm, killing four people and wounding 15 in an apparent terror attack, police said on Saturday.”

Overall, it appears that Europeans are nothing more than fodder for Sunni Islamist terrorists based on the deluded egos of the politically correct. This applies to politicians, the mantra of the politically correct media circus, the educational sector, and other important areas ruled by the ruling elites. Therefore, not only will more terrorist attacks continue in Europe – and gradual Sunni Islamization will take hold in certain parts of major cities – but also the ruling elites will still not tackle the reality of Sunni Islamism. After all, the followers of Buddhism, Hinduism, the Shia faith, Sikhism, and other faiths impacting more on modern Europe, aren’t going around and killing people in the name of any other faith.


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