The Japanese government calls for Covid-19 workplace measures: Telework month

The Japanese government calls for Covid-19 workplace measures: Telework month

Sawako Utsumi and Chika Mori

Modern Tokyo Times

The Japanese government is concerned by recent national and regional coronavirus (Covid-19) highs. Hence, with influenza and the winter season on the horizon, the government is calling for more anti-coronavirus workplace measures to be implemented.

Nishimura Yasutoshi, the Japanese minister dealing with the coronavirus crisis, hinted at growing concern within government circles. Thus he wants the business community to play its part in the fight against coronavirus.

Workplaces are among the highest areas of coronavirus clusters. This reality – and with the changing climate turning colder – means that anti-coronavirus measures are needed. Therefore, Nishimura wants companies to focus more on telework where possible.

Equally important, the government wants companies to stagger working days. By doing this the dreaded rush hour period in the mornng – and from 5 pm onwards – will decrease the burden on the transport system. In turn, workers will feel more comfortable to travel.

Other measures include greater awareness campaigns and to encourage people to remain vigilant. After all, the longevity of the coronavirus in Japan is extremely burdnesome. Therefore, the pyschological angle is enormous.

The government wants people to maintain facemasks on throughout the working day. Also, workers need to be vigilant when talking in more comfortable situations during lunchtime. This also applies to people who smoke in limited spaces that are allowed.

Nishimura said November is being defined by being “Telework month.”

Overall, the Japanese government is worried about workplace clusters and the increasing infection rate. Hence, “Telework month” is likely to be the norm during heightened periods.

Indeed, for some companies, it is a viable solution for part of the workforce in the long-term once the coronavirus crisis ends.


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