Tourism in Japan and Stunning Fukushima: Ura-Bandai, Abukuma Cave, and Koriyama

Tourism in Japan and Stunning Fukushima: Ura-Bandai, Abukuma Cave, and Koriyama

Tomoko Hara and Michel Lebon

Modern Tokyo Times

Fukushima is a stunning prefecture in Japan that is awash with amazing landscapes where people can escape the stresses of life. Koriyama is the commercial capital of Fukushima prefecture and for many tourists, this city is an ideal base. Also, since the events of March 11, 2011, this part of Japan receives international attention for all the wrong reasons in relation to the nuclear crisis. However, for the vast majority of this lovely prefecture then life is in full swing and is open for business like usual. Therefore, for internal tourists and international tourists the prefecture of Fukushima it is a great way to support the local economy, while also having an amazing holiday because of the stunning nature and richness of culture in this part of Japan.

Koriyama is an ideal base because of the amenities available that are top notch. This applies to high-quality hotels, the modern transport system which is served by the Shinkansen train system, excellent restaurants, stylish boutiques and a buzzing fashion scene – and a host of other factors. Also, it is clear that Koriyama is a dynamic city that is at the heart of the ongoing development of this beautiful prefecture.

The Abukuma Cave in Fukushima is a great place to visit because this limestone cave is well looked after and provides amazing views inside. Individuals are given two options that apply to a relaxing walk within Abukuma Cave or a more challenging walk. Therefore, for individuals who are not so healthy then the easy option walk is advised because you can enjoy at your own leisure. However, if you are healthy and adore a challenge, then the complex route is most rewarding. Yet be prepared for two or three very difficult areas where you have to nearly crawl in order to get through and continue your walk.

Scenic views within the cave are enthralling and this limestone cave is well preserved and serves tourism in Fukushima extremely well. The views outside Abukuma Cave are also richly rewarding and you have other tourist attractions to enjoy nearby. Therefore, a visit to Abukuma Cave is extremely rewarding and the history behind the formation of stalactites and stalagmites is very interesting.

Another amazing place to visit in Fukushima is Ura-Bandai and this notably applies to Goshiki-numa (five ponds of color). Of course, the entire area is awash with amazing scenery and walks to enjoy. Yet the walk in Goshiki-numa is extremely rewarding because of the stunning scenery and the richness of color in relation to the adorable ponds. The reason behind the different colors of ponds, and why you have so many ponds and lakes, is because of the volcanic eruption of 1888 that flowed naturally into the Nagase-gawa.

Lee Jay Walker at Modern Tokyo Times says “Notable lakes and ponds were created from the lava of the eruption of 1888 and this notably applies to Nakase-numa Pond, Lake Onogawa-ko, Oguni-numa Pond, Lake Hibara-ko and Lake Akimoto-ko. You also have a wealth of marsh areas. In total you have more than 100 ponds and lakes within the Ura-Bandai area (Bandai-kogen Highlands) and the Goshiki-numa (five ponds of color) walk is a must for all nature lovers. After all, the richness of different colors is a wonder to behold and the walking trail is really enjoyable. Not surprisingly budding photographers adore this haven of nature and stunning beauty.”

Also, for lovers of art and culture you have a stunning museum to visit called Morohashi Museum of Modern Art. The architecture of this museum is really pleasing on the eye and the backdrop of stunning mountains and a stream passing by the art gallery is truly inspiring and melts the heart. Therefore, by visiting the Morohashi Museum of Modern Art you can connect with art, culture, and nature. This adorable art museum often highlights great artists like Paul Cezanne, Salvador Dali, and Pablo Picasso  – with Salvador Dali being the main attraction. Of course, with being blessed with several galleries then individuals can explore various different art forms. At the same time, you also have a nice place to drink coffee and eat a delicious slice of cake after connecting with the art world. This enchanting museum is a must place to visit because it provides a lovely cultural angle which blends naturally with the stunning scenery of Ura-Bandai.

Throughout Fukushima, you have many amazing places to visit and given the circumstances of March 11, 2011, it is essential for internal tourists to support the local economy. The same applies to international tourists. Therefore, Fukushima prefecture – and the Tohoku region in general – needs to recover completely from the devastation of the tsunami that killed so many individuals and caused havoc.

At the same time, tourists will be richly rewarded because Fukushima prefecture is a real gem. In Koriyama, you will also notice a thriving commercial center where fashion is a major feature. From this ideal base, you can visit many tourist attractions including stunning mountain ranges, lakes, ponds, the amazing Abukuma Cave, Tsuruga Castle, Oyaku-en Garden, and so much more. Simply put, Fukushima prefecture is an ideal location for tourists to enjoy stunning nature and relax by visiting an onsen, whereby you can refresh your body and mind.

Lee Jay Walker gave guidance to both main writers

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