Trump casts doubt on planned summit meeting with North Korea: Swipe at China

Trump casts doubt on the planned summit meeting with North Korea: Swipe at China

Chika Mori and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

President Donald Trump of America casts doubts that the planned summit meeting with the leader of North Korea will take place on June 12. Despite this, the leader of America is optimistic that a breakthrough will occur in the near future.

In truth, the recent air combat drills between America and South Korea was a woeful decision. This fact remains irrespective if the planned talks go ahead or fail. After all, why risk so much at a time when North Korea was reaching out?

The BBC reports, “Pyongyang has been angered by continuing US-South Korea joint military exercises which it sees as a rehearsal for invasion. It cancelled planned high-level talks with South Korea earlier this week.”

Trump said, There’s a very substantial chance … it won’t work out. And that’s OK… That doesn’t mean it won’t work out over a period of time. But it may not work out for June 12. But there is a good chance that we’ll have the meeting.”

Interestingly, while Trump was diplomatic about North Korea, he did take a swipe at China. Trump implied that President Xi Jinping of China had influenced Kim Jong-un to take a harder line. Hence, according to Trump, the economic and political angle is being manipulated by China and this equally will tie in with territorial disputes in the South China Sea. In other words, China is focused on its geopolitical backyard and seeks positive angles in return for goodwill towards influencing North Korea.

Reuters reports, Trump reiterated his suggestion that Kim’s recent meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping had influenced Kim to harden his stance ahead of the summit.”

The leader of America also stated, “President Xi is a world-class poker player.”

In a past article, Modern Tokyo Times reiterated, It is equally incumbent on South Korea to acknowledge the fears of North Korea. This applies to the nuclear prowess of America and the military bases of the same nation in Japan and South Korea respectively. In other words, North Korea needs guarantees from America and South Korea if denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is a genuine goal. Hence, the goodwill of South Korea is instrumental in paving the way for genuine political and economic ties between both Korea’s.”

Sadly, the leader of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, should have insisted on the suspension of recent military drills between America and South Korea. This is based on all the good deeds that have been implemented by Moon. After all, why risk upsetting the applecart when finally the applecart was running smoothly after being asleep for so long?

On a positive note, Trump once more reached out to North Korea by insisting that the denuclearization of this nation over a short period of time would be richly rewarded. Similarly, the leader of America insisted that regime change was not on the agenda. Instead, America wants to bring North Korea in from the cold and to help this nation to modernize and prosper.

It is incumbent on South Korea to reach out to North Korea and for both nations to listen to each other. Therefore, the suspension of major military drills by all sides should be put on the table in order to restore good faith.


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