The U.S. is abandoning the Kurds in Afrin while seeking to defend Islamist terrorists in Eastern Ghouta

The U.S. is abandoning the Kurds in Afrin while seeking to defend Islamist terrorists in Eastern Ghouta

Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

NATO Turkey is using Islamist Takfiris and mercenaries to massacre the Kurds and others in the environs of Afrin in Northern Syria. Yet, while America is abandoning the Kurds and others despite fighting ISIS (Islamic State – IS) in Syria on behalf of America and natural self-interests, the same administration of President Donald Trump is seeking to protect 20,000 Sunni Islamist terrorists in Eastern Ghouta. Therefore, it appears that while the Kurds and others in Afrin are being bombed and killed, the Trump administration cares little for the allies of this nation.

Indeed, despite the failure and confusion of the former Barack Obama administration, at least Obama didn’t abandon the Kurds to be butchered by ISIS in Kobani. However, forces armed, trained, and working in tandem with the objectives of the United States in Northern Syria are being sacrificed by the Trump administration. Hence, NATO Turkey is utilizing Sunni Islamist mercenaries who belong to al-Qaeda, ISIS, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), and others, at the drop of a hat.

The former leader of France, Francois Hollande, is alarmed by the failure of NATO nations to reign in Turkey. He said pointedly about Turkey:

“Who is this ally to whom [we] sell arms and who strikes civilian populations with his warplanes?”

Hollande continued, “Who is this Turkish ally who strikes our own allies with the help of jihadist groups on the ground… It is not possible to celebrate the liberation of parts of Syria and to let whole populations die which we know played a determining role in arriving at this result.”

However, shamefully, the administration of Trump is only concerned about rebuking the government of Syria and the Russian Federation over ongoing events in Eastern Ghouta. Nikki Haley, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, said, When the international community consistently fails to act, there are times when states are compelled to take their own action.”

Deutsche Welle reports, “Ebrahim Ebrahim, a Europe-based spokesman for the largest Kurdish group in Syria, the Democratic Union Party (PYD), said those fleeing were heading toward government-controlled areas, afraid that Turkish troops and Turkey-backed Syrian opposition fighters might commit atrocities against the Kurds and minority Christians, Alawites and Yazidis in the town.”

Yes, religious minorities, including Alawites, Christians, and Yazidis are seeking the protection of the armed forces of Syria. In other words, NATO Turkey is conspiring with Sunni Islamist terrorists to butcher and cleanse. However, the Trump administration and other NATO powers are silent.

Yet, why is the Trump administration abandoning the Kurds and other allies in Northern Syria, while threatening military attacks against the Syrian government that is fighting various Sunni Islamist terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta? After all, NATO Turkey is using vile Islamist sectarians and haters of the Kurds and other minorities in its onslaught against Afrin. Indeed, the government of Turkey even warned America that it would not tolerate opposition to its position on Afrin and other areas of Northern Syria.

The New Yorker reports the words of a Kurdish villager who said, “We know it’s not Americans bombing us. But it’s still the Americans doing this to us. If the Americans told a NATO member, Turkey, not to bombard us, they would not have done it. Everyone in Afrin, we feel like this is the biggest betrayal of our lives. With the help of the Americans, we crushed ISIS, we fought for them. The Americans asked us to do anything, and we did everything. Now they want to get rid of us. This is the feeling on the street. People are burning on the inside.”

Hence, at a time when Kurds and other minorities in the environs of Afrin need outside nations to pressurize Turkey, it is clear that America is half-hearted. Therefore, the same brutal Sunni Islamist mindset that is butchering the Kurds and others on behalf of NATO Turkey, is now being defended verbally in Eastern Ghouta by the Trump administration. In other words, the United States is threatening to bomb the Syrian government, while letting NATO Turkey and Islamist terrorists to kill allies in Afrin.

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