Austria takes over the EU Council Presidency: Vienna and Visegrad need to protect the gates

Austria takes over the EU Council Presidency: Vienna and Visegrad need to protect the gates

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz of Austria needs to steady the European Union (EU) ship along with Visegrad nations and a new Italian leadership who all fear for the future of Europe. Hence, with Austria taking over the presidency of the EU Council for six months, it is hoped that pro-European voices will increase in influence. Therefore, it is essential that growing alarm at the policies of the politically correct and globalists inside major European nations, notably Germany and France, and held among the upper echelons of EU bureaucrats, are tackled collectively by opponents who fear for the future of Europe.

In other words, Austria, the Visegrad bloc, the current emerging political power brokers in Italy, and other nations that oppose the diktats of Germany and France, must unite and expand their ideas within the EU. Of course, for the Visegrad nations of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia, then the changing political stance in Austria is extremely welcomed. Similarly, recent political events in Italy also point to a growing force inside the EU that is disillusioned by mass immigration and growing Sunni Islamization in parts of major European cities.

Kurz isn’t a confrontational leader who makes petty sound bites. Instead, he seeks solutions internally in Austria and further afield in the EU. This reality means that despite Kurz opposing the mass immigration policy agenda of Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany, he still seeks extremely good relations with Merkel. Therefore, it is hoped that Austria will continue to reach out to other nations while in charge of the EU presidency, thereby guarding the gates of Vienna and the EU collectively with forces that seek to preserve the identity of Europe.

The leader of Austria pointedly said, It wasn’t like that in 2015. Now we are seeing action, and it’s heading in the right direction.” 

He continued by stipulating, “I think people are justifiably fed up of hearing migration talked about at the EU level, but not seeing anything happen in practice.”

Of course, in order to stem mass immigration and fake refugees then countless important measures must be taken. This issue will not go away and it isn’t good enough for political elites like Merkel or powerful EU bureaucrats to keep on diluting Europe month after month, year after year. After all, the population of Africa and parts of the Middle East will continue to grow rapidly over the next few decades. Hence, it is essential that a new EU emerges that puts the indigenous first while taking in genuine refugees including the Alawites, Middle East Christians, the Yazidis, and others including stateless Kurds who suffer persecution in several Middle East nations.

The motto of the presidency of the EU under Austria is “A Europe that protects.”

It is hoped that Kurz, the Visegrad bloc, a new Italy, and other nations that are fed up with France, Germany, EU bureaucrats, and other anti-European forces, will unite in order to protect the European continent. Therefore, the presidency under Austria provides a greater voice to the “Old Europe” that in time should become the “New Europe” that safeguards European values, the role of Christianity, and supports the wishes of the indigenous that don’t seem to count among the politically correct elites and globalists.

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