Cambodia and Hun Sen to Resign: Asia Family Dynasty

Cambodia and Hun Sen to Resign: Asia Family Dynasty

Noriko Watanabe, Kanako Mita, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The political system in Cambodia for many decades revolves around Prime Minister Hun Sen. Accordingly, no shock that Hun Sen will resign shortly by handing power to his eldest son.

Cambodians will witness dynastic politics similar to other Asian nations where families seek to preserve political power – from North Korea to Singapore, this part of the world understands the ties of family politics. Indeed, while Japan doesn’t hold one family elite family above others, it often transpires that many recent prime ministers in Japan are part of a bigger family dynastic political pool.

Naturally, nations including Cambodia, North Korea, Singapore, and others, control the power mechanisms of power to a higher political level than Japan. While in West Asia, dynastic power concentration continues in the wealthy Gulf States.

Voice of America reports – concerning Hun Sen – “The former Khmer Rouge cadre has run the kingdom since 1985, eliminating all opposition to his power, with opposition parties banned, challengers forced to flee, and freedom of expression stifled.”

Recently, the People’s Party in Cambodia (CPP) won a predictable victory by a huge margin. This was the mechanism for Hun Sen to hand over power to his eldest son.

Hun Sen said: “I would like to ask for understanding from the people as I announce that I will not continue as prime minister.”

The BBC reports, “He said he would be stepping down as staying in office could cause instability. However he will retain leadership of the ruling Cambodian People’s Party – a position political analysts say still gives him ultimate control.”

Reuters reports,  “Hun Sen, 70, said his son, Hun Manet, would get royal approval as prime minister on Aug. 10 and be sworn in on Aug. 22.”

It remains to be seen if his son will gamble by allowing genuine political opposition to materialize in Cambodia.

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