Chancellor Merkel in Another Low: Bundeswehr to Train Officers from Saudi Arabia

Chancellor Merkel in Another Low: Bundeswehr to Train Officers from Saudi Arabia

Helmet Joachim Schmidt, Ramazan Khalidov, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany sprouts to the German people that they must accept vast numbers of economic migrants and refugees, while not only reaching out but also understanding different cultures and faiths that may be anathema to the traditional culture of Germany. At the same time of the one-way civilizational war, it now appears that Germany will increase military ties with Saudi Arabia. Of course, for politically correct elites who reside far from “the street,” then the arrogance of Merkel knows no bounds.

After all, the same Saudi Arabia will not tolerate one single Christian church or Buddhist temple, and inside Germany, it is Saudi and other Salafi doctrines that are causing so many internal concerns. Similarly, from a feminist point of view, the same leader who lambasts certain Germans for being intolerant is the same leader who is going to help Saudi Arabia despite this nation supporting draconian anti-female laws.

Equally astonishing, just like Merkel did a deal with Turkey despite the enormous oppression of the Kurds and being involved in supporting Takfiri Islamists against secular Syria, the nation of Saudi Arabia is also involved in intrigues from Syria to Yemen and much further afield. In other words, human rights for this politically correct individual only apply when lambasting Germans who refuse to agree with her “open door policy.” Therefore, the deaths of Kurds, Syrians, and Yemenis mean little and the same applies to both Turkey and Saudi Arabia increasing the migration and refugee crisis by supporting regional conflicts.

The Defense Ministry of Germany notified the general public that the Bundeswehr would train officers from Saudi Arabia in the near future. Of course, Germany is not alone in such utter hypocrisy, for example, America under the Obama administration, France, and the United Kingdom have all turned a blind eye to Saudi war crimes in Yemen.

Merkel isn’t the first German leader to ignore human rights and that Saudi Arabia is the most anti-non-Muslim nation in the world – indeed, the mirror of ISIS (Islamic State – IS). Yet, she is implementing a mass change of German culture based on vast numbers of economic migrants and refugees moving to Germany. At the same time, Merkel is talking about “an open Germany” while dealing openly with the anti-Muslim and anti-Shia nation state of Saudi Arabia. This reality means the one-way civilizational war is encroaching on various minorities throughout the Middle East based on Sunni Islamist sectarianism being funded by Saudi Arabia and Turkey.  Likewise, the same Sunni Islamist project is spreading throughout the European heartlands based on the double-standards of so-called politically correct progressives.

It appears that Merkel is neither concerned about issues including the mass abuse of German women in Cologne, murders and rapes by refugees and migrants, the sectarian policies of Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the anti-Shia foreign policy of Saudi Arabia, and the countless deaths in Syria and Yemen based on the intrigues of the above-named nation states. In other words, just like German culture and identity, the German people and Yemenis are all “collateral damage” in the one-way civilizational war being rubber stamped by so-called progressives.

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