Cyber Defense and Mossad: Israel and Libertad

Cyber Defense and Mossad: Israel and Libertad

Murad Makhumdov and Lee Jay Walker 

Modern Tokyo Times

Mossad, one of the most famous international spy agencies in the world, is focused on state of the art technology, in order to protect Israel. Of course, given powerful links with nations including America, then the picture is more far-reaching. Therefore, Mossad is reaching out via a new fund called Libertad.

The government of Israel acknowledged openly that Mossad would focus on important technology in various fields that overlaps with national security. For example, Libertad would focus on encryption, miniaturization, robotics, and other areas related to cyber defense.

Internationally, Israel is known for state of the art technology. At the same time, Mossad seeks to stay one step ahead in an array of areas related to national security. This notably applies to combat terrorism, espionage, covert areas related to crime syndicates that have ulterior motives, and cyber wars. Hence, Israel seeks to be prepared for any new threats that may face this nation based on changing technology.

The leader of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stated,“Mossad will continue to be sophisticated, daring and ground-breaking in its paramount task of ensuring Israel’s security.”

Currently, it is known that approximately 450 companies exist in the cyber security sector in Israel. At the same time, the defense sector in Israel is extremely powerful – therefore, nations from America to China acknowledge the potency of Israel’s state of the art technology.

Reuters says, Mossad’s undertaking is not new. In 1999, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency established IQT, a non-profit investment fund aimed at accelerating the development and delivery of new technologies to U.S. government intelligence bodies.”

Not surprisingly, Mossad will maintain secrecy about its investment in firms that support the objectives of Libertad. Therefore, new cutting-edge startup companies are open to seeking contracts from the new fund, that focus on state of the art technology in the area of cyber defense and other related areas.

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