Visegrad nations and Austria call for a stronger border defense to defend the EU

Visegrad nations and Austria call for a stronger border defense to defend the EU

Sawako Uchida and Lee Jay Walker 

Modern Tokyo Times

The Visegrad bloc consisting of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia once more called for the need to defend Europe from endless mass immigration. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz of Austria, an esteemed leader who was invited by Visegrad nations, equally supported the need to defend Europe by strengthening Frontex.

Kurz uttered, We have to have a Europe capable of defending us.”

The leader of Austria further stipulated, “We have to strengthen Frontex, to protect our external border and ensure internal freedom.”

Reuters reports, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Thursday said the Visegrad Four group of countries and Austria agreed to beef up the European Union’s external border defense and process migrants outside the EU’s borders.” 

Austria is increasingly taking a Visegrad approach to mass immigration despite not being an open member of this bloc. In truth, this was happening before Kurz became the Chancellor of this nation. However, now, it is abundantly clear that political elites in Vienna are increasingly waking up to the folly of Chancellor Merkel of Germany and her “open door policy for economic migrants.” Therefore, Austria is insisting that the European Union (EU) takes essential measures based on strengthening the borders of Europe.

In a past article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stipulated, Chancellor Merkel of Germany gave more than a wink to hopeful migrants to flee to Europe because the European Union (EU) was nothing more than an open door in her egotistical mind. This really made an already complex situation become a smugglers paradise and a nightmare for many European nations. On top of this, Merkel was intent on bullying smaller regional nations into submission based on a quota system and open Europe. Not only this, when it became clear that Merkel’s policies were unleashing chaos then Merkel turned to Turkey – a nation that continues to occupy Northern Cyprus, jails journalists, persecutes the Kurdish minority and enables Takfiri Sunni Islamist terrorist groups to utilize border areas with neighboring Syria. In other words, the anti-European Merkel now promised to give special incentives to the draconian leader of Turkey that would further erode the notion of European identity and culture.”

Other nations in Eastern Europe share similar sentiments and voices are being increasingly raised in Italy. Indeed, Merkel is now in a weakened position in Germany because many voters reject her logic of altering the ethnic and religious dynamics of many parts of Germany. Hence, it is essential that the Visegrad Group, Austria, and other nations that oppose the “open door” policy of certain European Union elites and Merkel, reach out to encourage each other to safeguard the future of independent nations and Europe in general.

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