DRC and 300,000 Flee M23 Forces in Goma (Rwanda)

DRC and 300,000 Flee M23 Forces in Goma (Rwanda)

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Military clashes between government forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and insurgents belonging to the Tutsi-led M23 are putting enormous pressure on Goma.

Reports claim that 300,000 civilians have fled the area. This will further add to the 6.9 million people who are already internally displaced in the DRC concerning countless different militias and Islamic terrorists who butcher Christians.

The water system is in a dire situation after power lines were cut. Hence, even hospitals were left without adequate power.

Voice of America reports, “Virunga National Park, which operates the network that supplies about 80% of Goma’s electricity, said on Monday that clashes between Congo’s army and the M23 rebels had severed the main power lines to Goma, a city of over 2 million people and the capital of North Kivu province.” 

Government forces and MONUSCO (United Nations peacekeeping mission) are trying to hold off the M23 insurgents who are backed by Rwanda (despite constant denials by Rwanda).

France 24 reports, “Clashes between M23 rebels and the Congolese army have been resuming in the province of North Kivu since early October. Against this backdrop, the United Nations mission in the east of the country, Monusco, announced the launch of Operation SpringBok… a joint Monusco-Congolese armed forces operation aimed at halting the M23 advance.” 

The government of the DRC – along with America, France, and others – accuse Rwanda of directly supporting the M23. UN experts also point the blame on Rwanda’s involvement.

The continuing conflicts in the provinces of Ituri, North Kivu, and South Kivu entail roughly three million people fleeing since early 2022 from these regions.

Volker Türk – UN high commissioner for human rights – said, “The armed groups, M23, ADF, CODECO, Zaire and Nyatura, continue to carry out egregious attacks against the civilian population and they do this with full impunity.”

UN News reports (concerning the health crisis throughout the DRC),  “The country’s health system is under huge pressure due to overlapping outbreaks of Covid-19, measles, polio, mpox. Yellow fever, cholera and malaria are on the rise due to recurrent natural disasters and lack of access to safe water and sanitation for those on the move, said WHO.”

Countless brutal conflicts – including the DRC, Ethiopia, North Mozambique, Mali, Myanmar, Sudan (including Arabs enslaving and butchering black Africans in Darfur), and too many to mention are neglected – while the international media is fixated on two conflicts (Ukraine and Gaza).

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