Gulf Petrodollars, France, and Intrigues in Syria and Yemen: Christian and Shia Persecution

Gulf Petrodollars, France, and Intrigues in Syria and Yemen: Christian and Shia Persecution

Ramazan Khalidov, Noriko Watanabe, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Syria once was a land of unhindered Christian churches just like Iraq prior to outside meddling. However, the Christian faith now in Syria is facing the Gulf petrodollar abyss that is being assisted by NATO Turkey. Despite this, and in the full knowledge that Christianity is illegal in Saudi Arabia, President Hollande of France once more decided to turn everything upside down. Therefore, Hollande is now lauding the unity of France with the most despotic Gulf monarchies in the world based on placating anti-Alawite, anti-Christian and anti-Shia backed forces in several conflicts.

The mirror of despotic Saudi Arabia is being replicated in Syria. After all, various Takfiri terrorist groups are crushing Christianity in Syria, therefore, this faith faces being eradicated and made illegal just like in Saudi Arabia. Of course, Hollande knows full well what is happening to the Christian minority in Iraq and Syria. Similarly, the leader of France knows that ISIS (Islamic State – IS) is beheading Christians for video campaigns in Libya, despite the promise of democracy by France, America and the United Kingdom in the post-Gaddafi Libya.

Equally alarming, Hollande who is hyping the Iran threat in order to obtain much needed Gulf petrodollars, fully understands that recent terrorist attacks in France and Belgium belong to the forces of Sunni Islamist militancy. In other words, the leader of France knows that the internal threat is being inspired by the Salafi year zero Gulf version of Islam. Given this, then why is Hollande sleepwalking into the internal and external threat against secularism that is being eulogized by many in nations like Qatar and Saudi Arabia?

The Shia Houthis are at a loss to why America, France, and the United Kingdom, are selling their collective souls by supporting the Saudi Arabia led coalition against this religious community in Yemen. Similarly, in Syria, the religious mosaic is being threatened by powerful NATO powers that have sided with feudal Gulf monarchies in the destabilization of this nation. Indeed, France and other nations supporting sectarianism in Syria know full well that the Alawites face a genocide if central forces are defeated in Syria.

This reality means that religious minorities in Syria including the Alawites, Christians, the Shia, and the Druze, all face the same reality of what is happening in Iraq. Indeed, it is notable that while the Sunni-dominated Saudi Arabia led coalition can bombard the Shia Houthis in Yemen daily; the same Saudi Arabia doesn’t care much about al-Qaeda affiliates and ISIS in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. Of course, this isn’t surprising because various sectarian and Takfiri terrorist groups are being propped up in Syria with NATO Turkey being the open conduit for international jihadists alongside Gulf petrodollars.

Hollande, not too concerned by the Sunni Islamist Takfiri threat at home based on his open arms to feudal nations that fuel Salafi indoctrination, is now showing his true colors by siding with Gulf feudal states against the Shia Houthis in Yemen. Indeed, while the UN (United Nations) is increasingly becoming disillusioned by the Saudi-led bombing of Yemen, the government of France merely seeks to make more military sales to feudal Gulf powers. This shocking behavior says much about the foreign policy objectives of France in recent times.

The current UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen, Johannes Van Der Kaauw, states, “I strongly urge the coalition to stop targeting Sanaa international airport and to preserve this important lifeline – and all other airports and seaports – so that humanitarians can reach all those affected by the armed conflict in Yemen.”

On top of this, reports stress that the Saudi Arabia led coalition is now using cluster bombs in the ongoing bombardment of Yemen. Irrespective of this, and the role of nations like Qatar in Libya and Syria involving the funding of various Takfiri Islamist sectarian groups, France is closing its eyes to this reality. Therefore, while Christians and other minorities are being cleansed in Syria, the only concern for France is to support feudal Gulf monarchies that are behind this reality alongside other nations including Turkey.

Adel al-Jubeir, Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, stated about the relationship with France that “We have common views with regard to the challenges in the region today with Syria, Yemen, Iraq, terrorism and of course Iran’s nuclear program, and there are very large commercial and military ties between our two countries.”

The cold approach by France to the reality on the ground in Syria is now being replicated against the Shia Houthis in Yemen. If Hollande really believes that Iran is the real threat, then he should open his eyes to the internal terrorist threat in France. After all, the same Takfiri Sunni Islamist mindsets that are beheading and killing Christians and fellow Muslims in Iraq and Syria are also the same forces that seek to kill in France. However, the response of France is to condemn Shia Iran while supporting feudal monarchies including Saudi Arabia and Qatar. In turn, these despotic monarchies are the lungs of Takfiri Islam, sectarianism, regional intrigues based on destabilization and supporting various terrorist groups against the central government of Syria.


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