Art of Japan and Fusions of Kamisaka Sekka: Nightfall and the Allure of Buddhist Monks and Shintoism

Art of Japan and Fusions of Kamisaka Sekka: Nightfall and the Allure of Buddhist Monks and Shintoism

Lee Jay Walker

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Japanese Shinto Shrine and Isolated Buddhist Monk

Kamisaka Sekka (1866-1942) utilized part of his art by focusing on simplicity but within the realm of sophistication based on hidden meanings. Of course, individuals can create or shatter the myths of hidden meanings. In this sense, only Sekka will know the answer. However, the beauty of art is that people can provide their own meanings. Therefore, Sawako Utsumi focuses on this angle, in relation to her own personal thinking, by embedding this with themes that meant so much to Sekka.

In the adorable art piece titled Japanese Shinto Shrine and Isolated Buddhist Monk’ by Sawako Utsumi, she focuses on the fusions of the original image by Sekka. Yet this is done based on her unique angle, therefore, the mountain backdrop and the intrigue of a Shinto shrine are added. Given this reality, then is the Buddhist monk yearning for the Shinto shrine – or is it solely based on paying respect?

Given the weather conditions, highlighted by the monk, then what do you think?


Old Japan at Nightfall

The mirage of Sekka can equally be felt in the above art piece titled ‘Old Japan at Nightfall.’ However, a certain distinctive original theme based on the Japanese artist Sawako Utsumi can be felt in a subtle and gentle way. This applies to the altered nightfall and other areas in relation to the original by Sekka.

Thankfully, the original idea and imposed concept really befit the end result by Utsumi. After all, the other side of the night is always a great time to think about the past and future. Therefore, the new touch by Utsumi really stands out. Overall, the delightful setting in this art piece is a reminder of years gone by in old Japan based on the concept of tranquility and natural beauty.


Mirage of Kamisaka Sekka

In the above art piece titled ‘Mirage of Kamisaka Sekka’ the Buddhist monk could be searching on a religious quest? Alternatively, the Buddhist monk could be lost and tired – or merely the individual could be going home in order to rest from the harsh weather conditions. Other factors can equally be imagined and this is the beauty of Sekka because the real meaning is often left to the individual. Indeed, maybe no meaning exists because in time all moments are lost based on the reality of death.

Sawako Utsumi says: “The sublime simplicity of art by Sekka is a wonder to behold. This reality is behind my art pieces in this article because this Japanese artist illuminated the art world of my native country in the last century. Of course, other amazing Japanese artists have blessed the art world but the simplicity and sophistication of Sekka is really special.”


Mount Fuji and Power of Mystery

Mount Fuji in Japan means many things to different individuals because of the symbolic importance of this highly impressive and unique mountain. Internationally, Mount Fuji is famous and for individuals flying to Japan for the first time, then the view is amazing if you are lucky enough to see this stunning mountain. Naturally, in the world of Japanese art, the power of Mount Fuji is equally illuminated to a higher level.

Sawako Utsumi in her art piece titled Mount Fuji and Power of Mystery is, therefore, creating another intriguing art piece based on this popular theme. After all, the backdrop takes you back to past Japanese artists but within the setting of modern times.


This reality resembles the continuity of Shintoism whereby nature and blood remain potent. Indeed, just like the spirits of obon visit the living during the holy period, then the same common factor unifying Japanese art runs through the veins of all artists who paint Mount Fuji. Therefore, while this art piece doesn’t connect with Sekka directly, in another sense the embodiment of Mount Fuji relates to a natural reality within the body politic of art in the land of the rising sun. – Sawako Utsumi and where you can buy her art, postcards, bags, and other products. Also, individuals can contact her for individual requests.

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