Japan Art and Hares in the Moonlight

Japan Art and Hares in the Moonlight

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Suzuki Harunobu (1725-1770) is a highly acclaimed artist of eighteenth-century Japan. He focused heavily on ladies (bijin-ga) to more sensual art (shunga).

However, Harunobu also depicted an array of other themes – including nature. Accordingly, his delightful hares in the Autumn moon setting – the focus is on serenity.

Shunkosai Hokushu (art above) belongs to the Osaka School of Ukiyo-e. However, sadly, very little is known about him.

He studied under Shokosai Hanbei (in Osaka) and Katsushika Hokusai (in Edo).

Isoda Koryusai (art above) became active during the 1760s and until a few years before his death. However, important aspects remain debatable about his life.

The British Museum says,  “After the death of Harunobu, became a major painter of women and produced a very large number of colour prints during the 1770s. Particularly skilled at pillar prints. From the mid-1770s until c. 1782 worked on a series of over a hundred ‘oban’ prints, the ‘New Year Patterns for Young Leaves’. Around 1781 received the rank ‘Hokkyo’ and from about this time he came to specialise in paintings, of which he produced many grand examples.”


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