Majority Buddhist Sri Lanka Releases 1,000 Prisoners on Christmas Day

Majority Buddhist Sri Lanka Releases 1,000 Prisoners on Christmas Day

Kanako Mita and Sawako Utsumi

Modern Tokyo Times

The majority of people in Sri Lanka are Buddhist. However, out of respect for Christianity, the government released 1,000 prisoners on Christmas Day.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe of Sri Lanka ordered the release of petty criminals – or individuals unable to pay economic fines.

In May, on the day Buddhists celebrate (Vesak holiday) the birth, spiritual enlightenment, and death of the Buddha, Sri Lanka also released prisoners.

Sri Lanka is currently targeting individuals involved in narcotics. Accordingly, a military-backed sweep entailed approximately 13,700 people being arrested by the police.

Over 1,000 addicts were also reprimanded and sent to centers for rehabilitation.

In 2019, Islamic terrorists killed over 250 Christians during the Easter period. Henceforth, while Roman Catholics were celebrating the Christian holy festival of Easter in 2019, they were brutally killed or maimed at churches in Batticaloa, the Kochchikade area in Colombo, and Negombo. Further bloodshed flowed from Islamic terrorists when luxury hotels were also targeted in the capital of Sri Lanka.

Lee Jay Walker says, “The faiths of Buddhism, Christianity, and Hinduism that flourish in Sri Lanka are all banned in Saudi Arabia – where only Islamic mosques are allowed in the land of Mecca and Medina.”

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