More Brutal Rape Cases in India Reported

More Brutal Rape Cases in India Reported

Chika Mori and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Rape is an international problem and is dependent on laws that should protect society from the ills of abuse. Yet, often nations fail citizens because of corrupt legal systems, not deemed a serious crime in some nations, capitalist based legal systems that shockingly fail individuals based on the manipulation of language, class based issues, religious discrimination, Islamic Sharia law, and other factors.  For example, in the United Kingdom many mainly white-girls of teenage age have been groomed by mainly Southeast Asian Muslim gangs in several cities, with the system failing to protect these victimized children based on politically correct factors that tolerated the most intolerable. Therefore, while this article is focused on India, it is clear that ineffectual legal systems and various factors continue to betray the victims of rape all over the world.

Turning back to India, then another week and yet more brutal cases of gang rapes and rape cases are being reported domestically and internationally. In the latest two reported cases in the state of Haryana the police are investigating two more barbaric cases of gang rape.

Apparently, in the first case under investigation in the Rohtak district a young lady was raped and brutally murdered by at least two men. Not only did these rapists brutally rape this young lady, they also atrociously killed her.

The Times of India reports, A 23-year-old woman was abducted, gang-raped and her brutally mutilated body dumped at a place where dogs bit off it, following which the police have arrested two men, including one who they claimed was her “jilted lover.”

Sonia Gandhi condemned the latest brutal rape case by stating, “This savage and bone-chilling incident has shocked the conscience of the nation, reminding each one of us about the crying need for revisiting the important issue of women’s safety and security.”

In another alarming case in India, a young 10 year-old girl is pregnant after being repeatedly raped by her stepfather. The BBC reports, “A panel of doctors is meeting in India to decide if a 10-year-old rape victim can be allowed to undergo an abortion.”

Of course, rape is an international problem but clearly some societies and legal systems are failing victims based on multiple factors on every continent of this planet. The Independent (United Kingdom media source) says, India is not the only country with a rape problem. In South Africa, some estimates have suggested that there could be half a million rapes each year, many of them by multiple perpetrators and characterized by extreme violence. In Mexico, rates of rape and murder involving female victims are so high that they have been officially described by the UN as a “femicide”. Similar attitudes can be found in all these countries, proposing that it’s up to women to modify their behaviour if they want to avoid being attacked. When Singh claims in the film that a “decent” girl wouldn’t be out at nine o’clock at night, it brings to mind the Grand Mufti of Australia, who, in 2006, compared women to a plate of uncovered meat. If they would only stay indoors, he argued, nothing bad would happen to them.”

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