Mosques attacked by Sunni Islamists in Afghanistan: Islamist hypocrisy and Myanmar

Mosques attacked by Sunni Islamists in Afghanistan: Islamist hypocrisy and Myanmar 

Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Sunni Islamists have once more slaughtered Shia Muslims in Afghanistan after one brutal attack against a Shia mosque. During the same timescale, another Sunni mosque was attacked in a suspected attack by Sunni Islamists based on a political dimension. Of course, you will have no mass demonstrations in the Sunni Muslim world – unlike the anti-Buddhist agenda in Myanmar fueled by the international media and Islamist victim card – yet the reality, just like the recent barbaric attack in Somalia, is that Sunni Islamists slaughter in countless nations. Hence, the Shia in Afghanistan, just like in other nations including Iraq and Pakistan, fully understand the reality of Sunni Islamist terrorism.

It is known that Sunni Islamist suicide bombers hit both mosques after opening fire and then detonating bombs. This applies to an attack against the Shia in Kabul and in the central Ghor province, a Sunni Mosque was attacked that was aimed at a local leader. Currently, it is known that at least 72 people have been brutally killed in both attacks, including children, with the likelihood that the death toll will further increase.

Of course, in the world of Sunni Islamism, the hypocrisy is never-ending. After all, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, for example, people have been killed in demonstrations against the way a little unknown pastor in America treated the Koran (instigated by the mass media and followed through by the Sunni Islamist agenda). Yet, when Sunni Islamists slaughter non-Muslims and Shia Muslims, including destroying countless numbers of Korans in Shia mosques, then the silence is deafening. This equally applies to internal Sunni Islamist attacks in Somalia and fellow Sunni Islamist Takfiris butchering each other under different terrorist flags.

Reuters reports, “At least 39 people died in the blast at the Imam Zaman mosque in the city’s western Dasht-e-Barchi district, interior ministry spokesman Najib Danish said.”

In the other attack against a mosque by a suspected Sunni Islamist, it is known that 33 people perished. Reports stress that the second attack appears to be aimed at someone from the Jamait political party. Irrespective of the motives, it is abundantly clear that Sunni Islamists deem the Shia to be apostates and worthy of slaughter and the same applies to coreligionists from the same sect. Hence, attacking mosques and desecrating Korans doesn’t enter the mindset unless it is done by a non-Muslim. The same applies to the near complete silence throughout the mainly Sunni Muslim world.

The BBC reports,The attack on the Sunni mosque in Ghor, central Afghanistan, also killed a pro-government militia commander, according to reports.”

In the last few days, barbaric attacks by Sunni Islamists have happened in several nations, including Afghanistan and Somalia. Of course, Korans have been blown up to pieces alongside the innocent flesh and blood of Muslims. Yet, while the anti-Buddhist agenda in Myanmar is in full swing, the countless deaths of Muslims shedding the blood of Muslims in nations including Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, and other nations, doesn’t have the same international media agenda. After all, playing the Muslim victim card when Muslims are spilling the blood of Muslims doesn’t fit the Islamist agenda. Hence, it is high time for Western media outlets to stop pandering to the same force of mass hypocrisy when major organizations report about Myanmar.

Of course, for Buddhists fearing Islamist terrorism in Myanmar then the latest attacks in Afghanistan and Somalia highlight the fear they have. After all, it is known that the latest conflict in Myanmar involving Muslims happened after Islamist terrorists attacked Buddhists, Hindus, the mainly Buddhist Mro tribe, and Myanmar military installations.

Ironically, in relation to Buddhist fears in Myanmar, they fully know what happened to Buddhism in Afghanistan after countless Islamic invasions. Equally, after Islamic armies, jizya, forced conversions, slavery, and the complete annihilation of Buddhism and other non-Muslim faiths in Afghanistan in history, then not even architecture is tolerated in modern times. However, the annihilation of Buddhism in Afghanistan still doesn’t stop Sunni Islamists from butchering the Shia and each other in the name of jihad. Therefore, year zero Takfiri Islamists and Islamic Sharia law are manipulated in order to further erase any alternative thought patterns. Given this reality, many Buddhist clerics in the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Southern Thailand, and Sri Lanka genuinely fear the international Islamist agenda. After all, if they can slaughter each other in mosques, then just think about the hatred they have for Buddhists in parts of Myanmar where Buddhists fear to walk – just like in parts of Southern Thailand where Buddhist monks have been beheaded and lay Buddhists have been slaughtered.

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