NATO Turkey is Killing the Kurds Directly in Syria: Obama is the new Arthur Zimmermann

NATO Turkey is Killing the Kurds Directly in Syria: Obama is the new Arthur Zimmermann

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The one consistent theme of President Obama’s leadership in the Middle East and North Africa is to sow the seeds of chaos and mass instability. This reality is visible to an extreme because the armed forces of NATO Turkey are now targeting the Kurds directly in northern Syria. Of course, in the past ISIS (Islamic State – IS), al-Nusra, and an array of other Sunni Islamist sectarians have utilized NATO Turkey based on the whims of President Erdogan of Turkey. However, now the armed forces of Turkey are killing Kurds openly in northern Syria – rather than just killing the Kurds by an array of equally barbaric Sunni Takfiri proxies.

President Obama, the Arthur Zimmermann of modern times, is intent on showing the world just how chaotic and opportunist his administration is. Of course, given the predominance of politically correct media sources then much is being swept under the carpet. Therefore, the Kurds, who have stood up to ISIS and other Sunni Islamist sectarian groups with the assistance of America, are now being abandoned to the armed forces of Turkey in northern Syria.

Reports in northern Syria highlight that NATO Turkey is already targeting the Kurds directly. Fox News says, The new escalation highlights concerns that Turkey’s incursion into Syria this week could lead to an all-out confrontation between Ankara and Syrian Kurds, both American allies, and hinder the war against the Islamic State (ISIS) group by diverting resources.”

Turkey’s façade against ISIS is alluded to by The Guardian media group because this source says, The Turkish government wants to stop Kurdish forces gaining control of an unbroken swath of Syrian territory on its border, which it fears could embolden the Kurdistan Workers’ party (PKK), which has waged a three-decade insurgency in Turkey.”

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is also bearing the brunt of Turkey despite this group being backed by America. Reuters says, The SDF has support from the United States, which sees the group as an effective Syrian ally against Islamic State. So Turkey’s action against SDF-allied forces puts it odds with a fellow NATO member…”

The same Obama who takes accolades based on cheap publicity stunts in Cuba, Vietnam, and in Hiroshima in relation to nuclear weapons; is the same Obama that is upgrading nuclear weapons and who is intent on creating further tensions with the Russian Federation. In other words, once Obama leaves office then a new Cold War in Europe will be set in stone based on NATO expansion and missile proliferation on mainland Europe.

Equally galling, Obama’s administration stood by while Christians were cleansed by ISIS in Iraq. Similarly, forces supported by various Gulf and NATO powers have cleansed and killed Christians in Syria. On top of this, the Obama administration welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt and the Libya debacle means that various Sunni Takfiri groups are free to butcher in this failed state.

Overall, the NATO Turkey incursion into Syria bodes ill for the government of this nation and the same applies to the Kurds. Also, it further highlights the utter bankruptcy of the Obama administration based on betraying allies backed by Washington. In truth, it seems that Obama thrives on Arthur Zimmermann’s policy of chaos. Therefore, the ongoing consistency of Obama’s administration applies to bloodshed, destabilization, and more deaths – with Yemen and the betrayal of Kurds in northern Syria being the latest examples of supplied death by the current Obama administration.


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