Niger and France kill approximately 120 Islamist terrorists in the Muslim mosaic of Niger

Niger and France kill approximately 120 Islamist terrorists in the Muslim mosaic of Niger

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The armed forces of Niger in a joint military operation with France are claiming to have killed approximately 120 Sunni Islamic terrorists. This news will be widely welcomed in a nation that is overwhelmingly Muslim. Hence, the leaders of Niger seek to protect the diversity of Islam in this nation against Sunni Islamic Takfiris.

Indeed, Islamic jihadists hate the diversity of Islam in Niger because they seek to impose an austere religious monoculture on this country. However, in Niger, despite the majority of Muslims being Sunni, you also have minority sects including the Ahmadiyya and Shia. At the same time, a sizeable minority of Muslims are non-denominational.

Thus, the richness of Muslim diversity in Niger is frowned upon by Sunni Islamic Takfiris. Therefore, Niger is on the frontline of religious pluralism within Islam that seeks to protect the religious diversity of this nation.

In recent years the menace of Takfiri Islam is spreading throughout the region. Hence, just below 80,000 civilians have fled the regions of Tahoua and Tillaberi to escape radicalization and the shadow of terrorism.

France 24 (AFP) reports, France this year said it would boost its military presence in the troubled West African region by deploying 600 fresh troops to its 4,500-strong operation.” 

Therefore, the leaders of Niger will be heartened by the increasing support of France. Similarly, the people of Niger need to know that the terrorist menace is being tackled to a higher degree.

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