The global spread of Coronavirus brings fear to Iran, Italy, Japan, South Korea, and others

The global spread of Coronavirus brings fear to Iran, Italy, Japan, South Korea, and others

Sawako Utsumi and Kanako Itamae

Modern Tokyo Times

The coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis that emanates from Wuhan in China is gradually spreading to other nations. Hence, the international community is still unsure about how the winds will fall. This relates to the number of deaths outside of China still being relatively low despite the increasing numbers.

In South Korea, six people have now died from coronavirus. Thus, with over 600 becoming infected in recent days, the fear is that the situation will spiral further.

Unsurprisingly, the leader of South Korea, President Moon Jae-in, stipulated strongly that the nation now faces “a grave turning point.”

Hence, South Korea – just like other nations hit by coronavirus – is focused on containing the crisis. Iran and Italy are equally alarmed by recent outbreaks.

Reuters reports, In Italy, officials said a third person infected with the flu-like virus had died, while the number of cases jumped to above 150 from just three before Friday.”

Giuseppe Conte, the Prime Minister of Italy, stressed that he was surprised by the recent jump in cases. Therefore, he stipulated that “We will do everything we can to contain the contagion.”

The situation in Italy especially relates to several towns in Lombardy and Veneto. Thus, several towns are now under virtual quarantine in this part of Italy. This relates to roughly 50,000 people being told that they can’t enter or leave specific towns hit by coronavirus for the next two weeks outside of special permission.

Likewise, Iran is increasingly worried about the coronavirus. Currently, it is known that eight people have died in Iran and that the coronavirus is spreading to different parts of the country.

Time reports, “The outbreak in Iran has centered mostly on the city of Qom, but spread rapidly over the past few days to people in four other cities, including the capital, Tehran.”

Japan, like other nations hit by the coronavirus, is also alarmed by the spread of the virus. Lee Jay Walker, fellow Modern Tokyo Times writer, states, “It appears that no area of Japan is immune from the coronavirus. Hence, despite the number of cases being relatively low given the announcement of the first cases (outside the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in Yokohama port), it is worrisome that new cases now involve younger children and teenagers. Also, certain political elites like Shinjiro Koizumi, the Environmental Minister of Japan, seem bereft of taking the situation seriously based on his countless days off for paternal leave and preferring to go to a party. ”

Overall, it appears that the coronavirus is spreading alarmingly to nations far from the epicenter of Wuhan. Thereby, the next week to a few weeks will show a truer picture of the global situation.



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