Poetry – Saffron Robes in Myanmar seek to escape the reality of history!

Poetry – Saffron Robes in Myanmar seek to escape the reality of history!

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Buddha walked and gently guided from afar
Then the sword of jihad cut down the tree of knowledge
Within generations, the Buddhists, Hindus, Nestorians, and Zoroastrians had to flee

Yet, for the forces of Zoroaster, only chains awaited
In time, the Saffron Robes were also beaten, beheaded, and turned into the Afghan dust
Despite this, the West is playing the tune of Mecca with the new Holy See in order to renew another Hindu Kush

Hence, the mirror of history is closing against the modern tree
Now it is rocks and stones for apostates and c’est la vie
However, some Buddhists in Myanmar can openly see the Alawite and Yazidi repetition – that may happen to you and me?

Therefore, the Green Flag of Sunni Islam and the British seek a new discourse
Just like mother India cut into three the Hindus of Myanmar face the fate of Pakistan
So new treachery abounds just like the Kosovo Serbs became a fading Orthodox Christian shadow in a world that is so narrow

Reports ramp up the anti-Buddhist agenda that all non-Muslims must surrender
Iran is caught up in an illusion for the Shia await the same Takfiri sword
Therefore, the British conspire with the Sunni Green Flag against the Saffron Robes so that subjugation can spread around the globe

Hence, may the abandoned God of the Trinity merge with the Saffron Robes of Myanmar from afar – before we all face one last hurrah!

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