Takfiris Kill in Kenya and Nigeria: Christian Leaders and Indigenous Islam Must Fight Back

Takfiris Kill in Kenya and Nigeria: Christian Leaders and Indigenous Islam Must Fight Back

Lielit Kebede, Nuray Lydia Oglu and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Takfiri Islamists keep on butchering in Kenya and Nigeria and clearly central forces in Nigeria can’t contain Boko Haram. Kenya currently isn’t on the level of daily massacres like in Nigeria but it is abundantly clear that Salafists and Takfiris seek to spread chaos in this nation. Therefore, Christians and forces within indigenous Islam must respond to this barbaric civilization war that is engulfing many nations.

Kenya and Nigeria face many realities, for example ethnic tensions, enormous income disparity, control over resources and a host of other realities. Despite this, the central state faces a more severe threat from the growing Islamist Takfiri menace. At the same time, Salafists and Gulf petrodollars seek to destroy indigenous Islam therefore the civilization war is aimed at Christianity, Traditional Beliefs and indigenous Islam in Kenya and Nigeria – the same applies to other nations like Syria.

In Nigeria the terrorist and sectarian Boko Haram slaughter Christians and Muslims alike. Recently Shia Muslims were also targeted in Nigeria and this sums up the brutal reality of mass Salafi indoctrination. Therefore, Salafi and Takfiri hatred comes from the womb of Gulf petrodollars whereby militant clerics, organizations, wealthy individuals, and the intrigues of state involvement, are all embedded within various channels.

Likewise, the al-Shabaab (al-Shabab) terrorist group in Somalia is also involved in a civilization war. This Takfiri and Salafi war is aimed at crushing the influence of Sufi Islam and other aspects of indigenous Islam in Somalia. Alongside this reality, the al-Shabaab brutally beheads converts to Christianity in Somalia and obviously they want to spread fear, hatred, chaos and sectarianism in Northern Kenya. Meanwhile, just like in Libya, many Sufi shrines in Somalia have been erased from history because the Islamist Takfiri worldview seeks to crush all other thought patterns.

In another article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated: “Of course, in Somalia the al-Shabaab (al-Shabab) hunt down all apostates to Christianity and then kill them in heinous ways. In other words, the al-Shabaab and other radical Takfiri Islamists enjoy butchering in the name of their God.”

It is essential therefore that Christians unite against this threat in Kenya and Nigeria because the current religious jihad is a one-way killing zone. Also, internal and external Salafi and Takfiri forces seek to enforce Sharia Islamic law in areas under their control. Indeed, in the case of Boko Haram and al-Shabaab, they also seek to cleanse Christians and others non-Salafi forces within Islam. This reality denotes a clear civilizational war and a religious war being fueled by militant Takfiri Islamist forces against Christianity, indigenous Islam and Traditional Beliefs.

It appears that central forces in Nigeria are incapable of keeping Boko Haram at bay and Cameroon also faces a growing threat in parts of the nation, notably in border areas. What is especially galling about many terrorist massacres by Boko Haram is that security forces appear to be unable to prevent similar massacres from happening in the same areas. Indeed, many massacres have happened in areas close to security forces and in places that were clearly vulnerable.

In areas of turmoil in Nigeria, it is clear that regional militia groups are needed to stem-the-tide and to bring some semblance of security. Year after year Boko Haram is slaughtering Christians and Muslims alike. This reality means that security forces can’t protect local citizens from Takfiri Islamists that enjoy kidnapping young girls, butchering people irrespective of faith and other barbaric realities.

Kenya should start to worry because in certain parts of the country related to Somalia, it is clear that al-Shabaab is intent on igniting terrorism and sectarianism. Once more it is essential that traditional Muslim leaders and Christian leaders work together in Kenya in order to highlight a united front. If not, then Takfiri Islamists will gradually ignite sectarianism and spread their indoctrination. At the same time, the government of Kenya and security forces must re-focus in order to decrease the growing cycle of bloodshed aimed primarily at Christians.

Kenya and Nigeria are now on the front-line in a civilization war that is spreading to other nations. For example, Mali and the Central African Republic are two other nations that are in crisis based on a growing Takfiri Islamist threat and the meddling of Gulf states. Likewise, Libya and Egypt in North Africa and other nations face internal problems in relation to Islamists. Therefore, Kenya should take a good glimpse at Nigeria in order to formulate a more robust counter-terrorist unit, if not, then the nightmare of Nigeria awaits Kenya in parts of this nation and the fear is that it could spread to other parts of the country.


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