Finland Points the Way Ahead for Japan towards Russia: Remember Kosovo?

Finland Points the Way Ahead for Japan towards Russia: Remember Kosovo?

Galina Zobova, Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The government of Japan should focus on the stance taken by Finland towards the Russian Federation in the field of economics, geopolitics, trade, friendly relations and by adopting a neutral policy – or, at the very least, a more even-handed approach. In fairness to Japan, the government of Prime Minister Abe is the least Russophobia nation in the G-7 despite pressure from the United States.

Indeed, it is difficult to understand why Japan would seek to jeopardize so much future potential because it is abundantly clear that the Russian Federation can help Japan in many ways. Similarly, the same applies to Japan boosting the economy of the Russian Federation. After all, the crisis in the Ukraine is obviously a grand game being played by NATO and the European Union.

Issues involving Crimea and parts of the Ukraine with a heavy concentration of ethnic Russians are enormously complex. Ironically, the same EU and NATO that are shouting about sovereignty are the same partners in crime in the ethnic and religious cleansing of Serbian Orthodox Christians in Kosovo (Serbia) – gypsies and others also fled the ravages of Albanian nationalism. The end game of this American and British inspired intervention in Kosovo led to the “Serbian Jerusalem” being blatantly handed-over to the mainly Muslim Albanians of Kosovo. Of course, issues like killing Serbians for organs, the Kosovo Liberation Army being deemed a terrorist organization prior to intervention, blatantly ignoring international law, the cleansing of Orthodox Christians, the demolition of Serbian Orthodox churches – and other areas of Serbian culture and identity – didn’t concern the EU and NATO to any degree.

The Helsinki Times reports in relation to Russian and Finish investment in a nuclear power station by stating: “Vsglad newspaper reminisces how in October, Prime Minister Alexander Stubb accused those objecting to the nuclear power station of russophobia.”

This news outlet continues by stressing: “According to Stubb, Fennovoima’s co-operation with Rosatom in the nuclear power station scheme is too important to be muddled with sanction politics.”

Japan under Abe must forge ahead with economic, energy policies, political ties, security issues and other important areas with the Russian Federation. After all, investment between China and the Russian Federation is flourishing and the importance of Bric nations and Russia’s sphere of influence throughout Central Asia and Eurasia can’t simply be ignored. Similarly, the Russian Federation is a more honest broker in relation to the Korean peninsula. Therefore, northern Japan – and Japan on a whole – will benefit greatly from improved ties with the Russian Federation. Of course, the same applies to the Russian Far East and much further afield gaining from massive investment by Japan and obtaining state of the art technology.

In other words, Finland is taking a brave stance. Therefore, it is time for Japan to acknowledge the geopolitical power and influence of the Russian Federation that overlaps with the geopolitical and economic ambitions of Japan. Japan, of course, can rightly state certain objections to any nation if it is based on sincerity and obviously the same applies to Finland. However, how would Japan – or any nation state, respond to their own ethnic nationals being bombarded daily and killed at random?

This reality exists because political elites in Kiev took a very confrontational stance and after Crimea was re-united with “mother Russia,” then NATO and the EU upped the ante. Yet, like usual, how many people were killed after Russia acknowledged the wishes of the people of Crimea? Compare this with how many people are being killed by the policies of Kiev. After all, nationalist forces in Kiev care little about a genuine compromise knowing that NATO and EU powers will fund the forces of death.

Turning back to Kosovo, the bombing of Iraq, Libya, and the countless NATO and Gulf ratlines that are supporting sectarianism and terrorism in Syria; then what moral high ground does America and the EU have? Indeed, meddling in Libya and Iraq means that only failed states now exist. Obviously the same will happen in Syria if the government of Damascus falls. In other words, nations supporting the unitary nation state of the Ukraine are the same nations that either supported – or did little to prevent – the demise of nation states in Iraq and Libya – or they failed to object enough in order to make Washington and London accountable (France and Gulf states also involved in Libya and other nations like Syria).

Similarly, like mentioned already, why didn’t America and other NATO powers support the territorial integrity of Serbia? Of course, the geopolitical power games of major Western powers believe that they can do anything because no accountability to a higher international body. Despite this, Kosovo, and Northern Cyprus, points to the reality that cleansing Orthodox Christians simply doesn’t count. Also, why isn’t Turkey kicked out of NATO for continuing to occupy Northern Cyprus? The same applies to Ankara under President Erdogan allowing Takfiri sectarians, international jihadists and various al-Qaeda fronts to utilize Turkey in order to destabilize Syria.

Turning back to Finland showing geopolitical responsibility and making a brave decision based on economic common sense, then Japan must take note. RIA Novosti comments: “This is the first instance where the parliament of a member of the EU supported a vast investment project with Russia since the West set the sanctions.”

Japan must implement a more even-handed approach towards the Russian Federation and show that this nation is firmly focused on developing closer ties with all major powers in Northeast Asia. Also, Japan must acknowledge that stronger ties between Tokyo and Moscow is a huge win-win for all concerned. Indeed, Japan will boost its standing regionally and of course new doors will open in Central Asia and Eurasia. Equally important, political elites in Beijing will take note because China is also concerned about the containment policy of Washington towards this nation.

Rossiiskaja Gazeta, highlighted in the Helsinki Times, reports: “Despite the sanctions against Russia, Finland’s officials have shown strength in character and made an important and nationally essential decision about cooperation with Russia.”

It is high time for Japan to follow in a similar vein and for NATO and EU powers to take a good look in the mirror. After all, look what happened to Kosovo and look at the nightmare of modern day Libya and Iraq after Gulf and Western meddling (the same can be said about other nations like Afghanistan and Syria).


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