Woman with Mental Health Problems Lynched in Afghanistan for Burning the Koran

Woman with Mental Health Problems Lynched in Afghanistan for Burning the Koran

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


In Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, a woman with mental health problems was lynched by many individuals and then set alight after being stoned. The Taliban may openly kill apostates and do other barbaric acts of violence based on Sharia Islamic law, yet clearly in nations like Afghanistan and Pakistan ordinary Muslims are also lynching individuals. Therefore, in nations that once had thriving Buddhist and Hindu communities, it is clear that Islamization is leading to mass intolerance, enforcing women into the shadows and turning the clock back to year zero.

It is known that the lady lynched had certain mental health problems. However, irrespective if this is true, or not, it is clear that lynching someone is a criminal act. However, in Afghanistan it is clear that citizens believe that it is their right to kill and torment in order to protect their faith. Of course, when the Taliban and al-Qaeda blow up Muslim mosques in order to slaughter the Shia, then this is fine. Despite the fact that many Korans will be blown up inside these mosques alongside killing many innocent Shia Muslims.

The BBC reports: A mob in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul has lynched a woman after she allegedly burned a copy of the Koran near a mosque, police say.”

In other words, the mirror of the Taliban is alive and kicking within ordinary citizens in the capital of Afghanistan. This reality is extremely galling because it just highlights the utter failure of Western powers in not being able to modernize society

Of course, it is equally true that major Gulf and Western powers utilized Islamist extremists in order to defeat communism in the past. Therefore, the power vacuum awakened by the demise of Najibullah was one of religious intolerance and growing internal militancy.

Saleh Mohammad, the police commander of the region where the lady was lynched, says: “hundreds of locals and passersby attacked her with stones and sticks.”

Not content with this, then locals set her body alight in order to appease their prophet according to their mindsets. The BBC highlights the witness of one individual who states: “I heard noise, I went and people said that a woman is burning Koran. When I went closer I saw angry people shouting they want to kill the woman.”

The witness above continues: “They beat her to death and then threw her on the river side and burned her. Firefighters later came and put out the fire and took the body.”

According to the parents of the lady lynched they stress that she had suffered greatly from mental illness. Irrespective of this, it is clear that butchering in the name of Allah isn’t justifiable under any conditions.

ISIS, al-Shabaab, Boko Haram and al-Qaeda may gain international attention but the real disturbing reality is that ordinary Muslims in several nations are killing apostates, killing people for defaming the prophet and so forth. This reality is more shocking than the utter barbarity of Takfiri Islamists who adore killing all and sundry.



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