Terrorists Kill Many in Tunisia: The Ongoing Arab Winter

Terrorists Kill Many in Tunisia: The Ongoing Arab Winter

Nawal Soueif, Takeshi Hasegawa and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


It is known that at least nineteen innocent people have been butchered in Tunisia by suspected Sunni Takfiri Islamists that deem murder to be a religious duty. In the past, Tunisia was once viewed to be progressive in many aspects related to culture and moderation. However, the “Arab Spring,” that was a mirage from the very start based on many external strings being pulled, is now firmly a “Arab Winter” filled with darkness, sectarian hatred, economic stagnation, weakened states, religious hatred, forcing women into the shadows and other enormous negatives, including a plethora of new terrorist groups. Therefore, the latest terrorist attack to kill innocent civilians in Tunisia is a firm reminder that the mirage is now a daily blood-soaked reality.

The BBC reports: Nineteen people, including 17 foreign tourists, have been killed in a gun attack on the Bardo museum in the Tunisian capital, the PM has said.”

Therefore, the attack by Islamist terrorists on the Bardo Museum took place while ISIS (Islamic State – IS) is destroying architecture and the ancient holy places of various religious minorities. In other words, ISIS is destroying ancient civilization in Iraq and Syria, while fellow “year zero Islamists” are killing people in Tunisia that seek to gain knowledge and wisdom at museums. Of course, this is nothing new, after all the Taliban destroyed important Buddhist statues well before the so-called Arab Spring.

Terrorist attacks have happened in recent times in Tunisia and nationals from this nation are butchering Syrians. For example, the BBC reports that: “In all cases the perpetrators are believed to be jihadists. Tunisian fighters make up a disproportionately high number of foreign recruits to Islamic State (IS) in Syria. More than 3,000 have joined, earning themselves a reputation for ferocity both on and off the battlefield.”

The destabilization of Libya and Syria enabled various Sunni Islamist terrorist groups to emerge – or to develop their respective terrorist networks that existed prior to the so-called Arab Spring. At the same time, Gulf petrodollars poured more Islamist Takfiri and Salafi financing into North Africa and the Middle East. This reality was based on many nations being turned upside down because of the whims of various Gulf and NATO powers that meddled to an enormous extreme. In the case of Egypt and Tunisia, it appears that traditional leaders were overthrown based mainly on internal issues. However, with leading Muslim Brotherhood leaders having strong links with elements within the governments of America, Qatar and Turkey – and with a leading Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood leader leaving the United Kingdom – then clearly many devious games were being played in the shadows.

Barely a day goes by without hearing about a fresh massacre or terrorist attack in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. At the same time, the Shia face religious persecution in Bahrain and the nation of Yemen faces many major challenges in order to preserve the unity of this nation. Meanwhile, the Kurdish question remains problematic for various nation states. Similarly, in Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood menace and terrorist threat remains potent and Coptic Christians from this nation are being targeted internally and in Libya. Algeria also is feeling the convulsions of Libya just like Tunisia is and much further afield in Syria. Therefore, despite some rays of sunshine emerging the overall picture is overwhelmingly bleak for many nations.

The worry in Tunisia is that increasing instability in Libya and blowback from the Gulf and NATO adventure against secular Syria, will unleash more chaos and destruction. Given this reality, the latest terrorist attack in Tunisia is a grim reminder that this nation faces many internal and external threats.

President Beji Caid Essebsi says: “All of the authorities have been informed and I hope such a disaster will not happen again … I hope that the means available to us will become more efficient.”

Essebi further states: “It’s a cowardly attack mainly targeting the economy of Tunisia … We should unite to defend our country.”

Sadly, in North Africa this area is being undermined by terrorist attacks, weakened nations states and declining economic power. At the same time, Coptic Christians face being beheaded on the beaches of Libya and attacked by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Tunisia therefore must brace itself for more terrorist attacks and Takfiri Islamist intrigues. The latest devastating terrorist attack in Tunisia highlights the reality that ancient civilization and culture are deemed unworthy. On top of this, in the twisted logic of Takfiri Islamists then all and sundry are viewed to be worthy of killing and butchering.



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