Israel and Turkey are Protecting Border Areas for Terrorist and Sectarian Forces in Syria

Israel and Turkey are Protecting Border Areas for Terrorist and Sectarian Forces in Syria

Murad Makhmudov and Noriko Watanabe

Modern Tokyo Times


The armed forces of Syria and various loyal defense forces are clearly inflicting heavy loses on an array of terrorist, sectarian, and mercenary forces. This factor is abundantly obvious just like the connivance of covert operatives from several nations are involved in the destabilization of Syria. Therefore, recent terrorist, sectarian, and mercenary setbacks, have witnessed the violation of Syria’s sovereignty by Israel and Turkey in order to buttress their meddling. In the meantime, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Gulf states, are involved in sponsoring various terrorist groups against the people of Syria. Not surprisingly, the recent advancement by the Syrian government is being met by Israel and Turkey based on bombing border areas. This reality confirms that Israel and Turkey are working in tandem in order to protect terrorists, covert operatives, mercenaries, and sectarians, along border areas. Of course, the mantra of international law by America and the European Union over Crimea is met by deadly silence when Israel and Turkey violate the sovereignty of Syria.

Lee Jay Walker at Modern Tokyo Times says: “Indeed, while Gulf and NATO powers have been plotting the demise of independent Syria since the crisis began; the remarkable thing is the bravery of the armed forces of Syria because they face the intrigues of so many nations. This reality is the reason why so many individuals have perished because Gulf and NATO powers refuse to accept defeat. Therefore, the media of the Gulf and West plays its role in inciting hatred towards the people of Syria. At the same time, vast resources are spent on spreading radical Salafism and creating new terrorist ratlines by many Gulf and NATO powers. However, the government of President Bashar al-Assad and the armed forces of Syria refuse to allow Syria to be taken over by outside powers despite overwhelming odds against the government of Syria.”

In recent months the tide is clearly turning in several parts of Syria towards the armed forces of Syria and various self-defense units. These self-defense units comprise of the mosaic of Syria, for example many loyal Sunni Muslims in Aleppo refuse to succumb to the sectarian rhetoric of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey – and their loyal al-Qaeda and Salafi puppets. It is this tenaciousness that refuses to die despite all the odds that continues to enrage major Gulf and NATO powers.

The bravery of the Syrian pilot shot down inside Syria by Turkey says much about the spirit of the armed forces of Syria. It also says everything about the manipulation of international law by Gulf and NATO powers that are allowed to kill untold numbers based on their geopolitical and religious games.  This especially applies to Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Libya and Syria in recent times -alongside other intrigues over countless decades of bloodshed (Vietnam, El Salvador, Indonesia, Guatemala, Nicaragua – and so on).

Therefore, the shooting down of a Syrian jet fighter by Turkey wasn’t a coincidence just like the recent violation of Syria by Israel. In both circumstances the attacks were aimed by Israel to protect terrorists and mercenaries because of recent advancements by the armed forces of Syria. Similarly, the attack by Turkey happened while another sectarian and terrorist launch is underway based on utilizing border areas. Armenian Christians and Alawites during the latest terrorist infiltration once more face the wrath of Takfiri fanatics because of the connivance of major Gulf and NATO powers. At the same time, Prime Minister Erdogan, who recently highlighted his disdain towards Shia Muslims, is now pandering to Turkish nationalism by outwardly trying to utilize the situation for political gains. Equally ironic, while Israel and Turkey outwardly have major issues, it is clear that American arm twisting doesn’t need to be pushed hard in order for both nations to work in tandem. Turkey is the main culprit but Israel is playing its part in order to appease Washington and Riyadh.

Lee Jay Walker says: “The simple reality is that all religious communities reside in government held areas in Syria. However, in Gulf and NATO areas being ruled by various sectarian, terrorist, and mercenary groups, then all minorities reside in fear and the same applies to Sunni Muslims that are loyal to the government of Syria. This brutal reality means that Christians in Syria are now joining their co-religionists in Iraq and Kosovo because they are being cleansed on the watch of NATO and Gulf powers. In the meantime, the armed forces of Syria and various national self-defense forces are all fighting on the side of the mosaic in order to preserve the richness of the Levant.”

Recent images in Takfiri Islamist areas show a man being crucified after being shot in the head – aka Taliban barbarity in Afghanistan. This is the barbaric year zero civilization that is being supported by Gulf and NATO powers in order to destabilize Syria. The same year zero Islamist sectarians were sponsored by Gulf and Western powers in the 1980s and early 1990s along with Pakistan against the people of Afghanistan. Just like 8,000 to 10,000 international jihadists fought on the side of NATO and Gulf powers in Bosnia and this was replicated in Libya. Therefore, the crisis in Syria is based on outside meddling whereby Gulf petrodollars and the whims of Washington, London, and Paris, entice Israel and Turkey to support “year zero Islamists” in order to destabilize the last bastion of independence throughout the Middle East.

Lee Jay Walker gave guidance to both main writers

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