Tokyo and Osaka Lifestyle: Malene Birger and Flying Tiger Copenhagen from Denmark

Tokyo and Osaka Lifestyle: Malene Birger and Flying Tiger Copenhagen from Denmark

Takeshi Hasegawa and Sarah Deschamps 

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Flying Tiger Copenhagen and Malene Birger are providing a touch of Denmark in Japan. Malene Birger is a delightful fashion brand that decided on opening up in Tokyo recently. While Flying Tiger Copenhagen first moved to Japan in 2012 when they opened for business in Osaka. Therefore, with Flying Tiger Copenhagen now expanding in Japan, it is also great to know that the exquisite fashion brand Malene Birger is also focused on the Japanese market.

The ultra-modern city of Osaka was the first stepping-stone for Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Not surprisingly, they decided on the Shinsaibashi area because this part of Osaka is famous for exquisite fashion, lifestyle companies and an array of other areas related to retail. On top of this, Osaka is a buzzing city and is blessed with a very high population and being based in a very diverse part of Japan. After all, Kobe and Kyoto are very close when travelling by shinkansen and you have many stunning places to visit in Nara and Wakayama.

Likewise, Malene Birger decided on opening up in the leafy district of Aoyama in trendy Tokyo. Aoyama is blessed with amazing fashion brands that highlight the best of Japan, Europe, and North America. Indeed, fashion and beauty is catered for throughout Aoyama. Therefore, for fashion lovers in Tokyo and tourists to this amazing city, then Aoyama is high on the list for people who adore luxury fashion.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen opened their second store in Omotesando in Tokyo. Omotesando, like Aoyoma, is famous for luxury brands and focusing on areas related to a quality lifestyle. Indeed, Omotesando and Aoyama naturally share the same environment in Tokyo because both districts are adjacent. Similarly, Harajuku and Shibuya belong to the same fashionable cluster because these amazing districts are within easy reach of each other.


Flying Tiger Copenhagen caters for stylish and individual based products based on being extremely good value. The atmosphere also caters for a mild and enjoyable environment.  Products on offer apply to home items, kitchenware, toys, hobby items and stationery. It remains to be seen if the kawaii angle in Japan will rub off on Flying Tiger Copenhagen. However, given the innovation of this company then clearly they will be open to new ideas.

Malene Birger really provides a lovely vibe coming from Denmark because the designs of this fashion brand are extremely exquisite. This brand can now be found in approximately 40 different nations. Therefore, the international angle of fashion and different internal styles is adding to the abundant creativity of Malene Birger. In time, it will also be interesting to see if a fusion from Japan will inspire new designs from this delightful brand.

It is known that Flying Tiger Copenhagen will open a new store in Chiba on March 14 this year. Hopefully, once Malene Birger is settled into the Tokyo fashion scene then with luck this fashion brand will also expand to other amazing cities in Japan. Overall, it is great to see a slice of Denmark expanding in Japan because of the products provided, new thinking that emerges and from a cultural angle.

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