Modern Tokyo News: Kaori Muraji is a Classical Japanese Guitarist of Refinement

Modern Tokyo News: Kaori Muraji is a Classical Japanese Guitarist of Refinement

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Kaori Muraji was born in Tokyo in 1978 and from a very early age her father Noboru Muraji gave lessons to his daughter. Her talent was obvious and by the age of ten she began to be taught by the acclaimed guitarist Shinichi Fukuda. Kaori Muraji won many guitar competitions in Tokyo and in 1993 she performed at Tsuda Hall in the same city.

Therefore, this talented child from Tokyo blossomed into a talented musical artist of international acclaim within the classical music community and much further afield. Kaori Muraji not only plays with sublime skill but her graceful manor and natural style appeals to the heart.

Kaori Muraji stated: “I express what is transmitted from generation to generation. It’s just simple but so precious.” These words speak volumes about the stunning Kaori Muraji. – Please visit the official website of Kaori Muraji Kaori Muraji iTunes information (PLEASE VISIT Anselmonadir Channel and search for Koari Muraji)


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