56 Killed by Sunni Islamists in Afghanistan and Pakistan: Terrorists hit Kabul and Lahore

56 Killed by Sunni Islamists in Afghanistan and Pakistan: Terrorists hit Kabul and Lahore

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Sunni Islamists in Afghanistan and Pakistan have butchered more than 56 people in two terrorist attacks that struck Kabul and Lahore respectively. In Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, it was a mainly Shia district that witnessed the deaths of at least 30 people. Meanwhile, in Lahore, a powerful explosion is known to have killed 26 people in eastern Pakistan.

Afghanistan and Pakistan face an array of Sunni Islamic Takfiri forces that kill randomly throughout the year. Hence, the shocking barbarity of both terrorist attacks is all too common for people in both nations.

Shia Muslims in Afghanistan have been hit hard in recent times because many terrorist attacks have targetted mainly Shia areas of Kabul. After all, one common theme of Sunni Islamists is their hatred of Shia Muslims. Therefore, butchering Shia Muslims is high on the agenda of Sunni Islamic Takfiris – and the same applies to bombing markets, Shia mosques, military installations, and other targets, in mainly Shia areas.

At the moment, it is known that at least 30 people were killed in the latest terrorist attack in Kabul. Sadly, it is feared that the figure will increase because over 40 people remain injured – some seriously.

According to the BBC, the Taliban is claiming responsibility for the terrorist attack in Afghanistan. This news agency says, The Taliban said they had carried out the attack and were targeting intelligence service officials.”

Turning to the brutal terrorist attack in Pakistan, then at least 26 were killed in Lahore. On top of this, over 50 people remain injured. The target of the claimed terrorist attack by Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan was the police. However, civilians were also killed alongside police officers.

Reuters reports, The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack which wrought carnage near the Lahore Technology Park in the center of the city. Police deployed to clear street vendors from the area had been targeted, a police official said.”

Tensions remain between Afghanistan and Pakistan based on allegations that intrigues in Pakistan are working to hinder stability in Afghanistan. Irrespective of the allegations made by Afghanistan, it is imperative that both nations work together to resolve geopolitical issues. After all, only Sunni Takfiris in both nations – and criminal elements utilizing narcotics in Afghanistan – will gain from the endless carnage, terrorism, sectarianism, and the weakening of respective central forces.



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