800,000 Covid-19 deaths with little let-up in America, Brazil, India, and Mexico

800,000 Covid-19 deaths with little let-up in America, Brazil, India, and Mexico

Kanako Mita and Chika Mori

Modern Tokyo Times

The international coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis is now responsible for 800,000 known deaths. In the four nations of the highest number of deaths, the numbers keep flowing. Therefore, unlike the hardest-hit nations in Europe, the countries of America, Brazil, India, and Mexico keep on witnessing high numbers each new day.

The current death tolls in the hardest-hit nations are America 179,037, Brazil 113,358, Mexico 59,106, India 55,928, the United Kingdom 41,405, Italy 35,427, France 30,503, Spain 28,838, Peru 27,034, and Iran 20,376. Of course, the real known figures are debatable. Thus, speculation is that the figures are higher in Brazil, India, Iran, and Mexico.

Deaths per million provide a better glimpse into the real severity of each nation. Hence, the numbers are Peru 818, Spain 617, the United Kingdom 609, Italy 586, America 540, Brazil 533, France 467, Mexico 458, Iran 242, and India 40. However, despite new infections occurring in Europe, the deaths have come right down unlike non-European nations that have been named.

Thus the deaths keep on flowing in America, Brazil, India, Iran, Mexico, and Peru. Similarly, in other nations including Colombia 16,183 in South America to Iraq 6,283 in the Middle East, the deaths keep on increasing.

In each nation, different regions have been hit extremely hard to much milder. For example, deaths per million in regions hit hard in America are New Jersey 1,807, New York 1,693, Massachusetts 1,291, Connecticut 1,251, and Louisiana 1008. Alternatively, deaths per million are much lower in Oregon 98, Maine 96, West Virginia 95, Vermont 93, Montana 83, Wyoming 64, Alaska 41, and Hawaii 32.

Overall, various parts of the world are at different stages in the fight against the coronavirus. In some nations, including America, Brazil, India, and Mexico the deaths keep on flowing.

However, in Western Europe, the main concern is containing new infections and how to emerge from lockdown. Similarly, the same applies to Japan and South Korea in containing new infections and kickstarting the economy to near capacity.

Therefore, the coronavirus is continuing to cause havoc in terms of deaths, employment, enormous burdens on the health care sector, devasting the economy, and other negative forces.

https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ World coronavirus statistics


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