Abe and Koike need to come clean: 0.7 per 1 million deaths but the State of Emergency called

Abe and Koike need to come clean: 0.7 per 1 million deaths but the State of Emergency

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared a state of emergency in Japan. While the Tokyo Governor, Yuriko Koike, is suddenly upping the ante about coronavirus. However, since coronavirus entered Japan in the middle of January then why the sudden increase?

The parallel of increased concern and more images showing Abe and Koike wearing facemasks is remarkable. After all, it corresponds with their failure to preserve the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Of course, the more than two-month coronavirus hiatus from the first reported case to the Olympic decision also remarkably corresponds to an upturn in increased cases. Hence, the state of emergency is following a similar illogical pattern. This relates to limited information about why coronavirus is suddenly a growing problem. Therefore, the real reasons remain unknown and the same applies to the severity of the crisis.

This relates to a state of emergency being called despite less than 100 people dying in just under three months. In other words, with 0.7 percent of deaths per 1 million people (April 8, 2020) then what is really going on? Similarly, with testing being only 437 per 1 million people then this equates to nearly three months of limited concern.

In a past article by Modern Tokyo Times, it was stipulated, Of course, only a few weeks ago the same Abe and Koike were adamant that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics would be held. This was despite coronavirus entering Japan more than two months before. Hence, both Abe and Koike seemed to be distracted by economic issues and an obsession of ignoring the worst excesses of the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, the increased concern of Koike smacks of opportunism because it is a complete U-turn – while Abe is still focused on the economic angle.”

Only the national government is privy to what is happening on the ground. Hence, with only 0.7 deaths per 1 million people then it is time for Abe and Koike to come clean?

Kanako Mita, one of tens of millions of hard-working people in Japan, is alarmed by the callous approach of the ruling elites. She uttered, about the economic angle, “As we expected, people who are not entitled to economic support will be burdened by less staff. Thereby, they will use our taxes on grand schemes and further weaken our future pension. Therefore, we have no hope for our future apart to save what little we can because we can’t trust the government!”

Sadly, it may well be that Japan becomes blighted by horrendous deaths just like America, France, Italy, Iran, Spain, the United Kingdom, and other nations. Yet, the current figures and the fact that coronavirus first entered Japan in the middle of January is leaving people bewildered.

If the central government and the leader of Tokyo know negative information, then they should prepare people properly. Sadly, the opposite is happening because you have a state of emergency but you can still go to the hair salon!


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