Afghanistan mosque attack leaves at least 17 dead: No open society is being pursued

Afghanistan mosque attack leaves at least 17 dead: No open society is being pursued

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Irrespective of who is the leader of Afghanistan or the United States, the same instability blights this nation. At the same time, lack of trust with Pakistan continues in Afghanistan and upon many leading America officials. Hence, the merry-go-round of terrorism, narcotics, sectarianism, and destabilization continues unabated.

In the latest of the never-ending terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, Sunni Islamists targeted a Muslim mosque. Indeed, the only consistency in Afghanistan is that various Sunni Islamist groups will kill innocents and that narcotics will fill the coffers of the same immoral Sunni Islamists. Therefore, the beleaguered nation that is blighted by Year Zero Islamists is always a terrorist attack away from more carnage.

The latest terrorist attack is known to have killed at least 17 people. Like usual, mosques are not even sanctuaries because nothing is deemed sacred in the minds of the various Sunni Islamist terrorist groups that blight Afghanistan. Hence, the death of at least 17 Muslims in the environs of Khost after yet another bloody terrorist attack.

It is known that the mosque was also being used as a registration for voters. Given this, the terrorist attack may be aimed at punishing people for partaking in the politics of this nation. Yet, in the past, many sectarian attacks against Shia mosques have occurred that are outside the remit of the political angle. In other words, Sunni Islamists don’t need an excuse to slaughter innocents because it is their second-nature to kill while praising Allah.

Internationally, it remains unclear why a secular educational approach isn’t being implemented throughout the country. Similarly, no space still exists for Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, and other faith groups, to flourish and show that openness exists within government circles. Therefore, little progression is occurring in Afghanistan because it is the same Islamist approach externally via terrorists, or internally via government institutions.

Reuters reports, “Last month, around 60 people were killed in a suicide attack on a voter center in the capital Kabul, which was claimed by Islamic State and there have been a string of smaller incidents that have deterred many from going to the voter centers.”

In truth, when you consider how China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan are progressing based on various internal factors and the legacy of Confucianism; then it remains strange that the “Islamist narrative” isn’t being tackled. This doesn’t apply to being hostile to the Muslim faith but merely tolerating other thought-patterns to break the Year Zero Islamist approach to how this country runs. Therefore, it is high time for Eastern and Western donors to create some strings attached to how Afghanistan should develop and this also applies to the role of women in society.

In a past article, Modern Tokyo Times stipulated, “Secularism, credit unions to help business initiatives, a growing liberal media network, a judiciary that is free from religious dogma, and an educational system based on more moderate values are all needed. Of course, other important areas need changing and this applies to restrictions on dress and challenging the power base of traditional rulers who care little about modernity. At the same time, corruption needs to be challenged because this is playing into the hands of the Taliban. Despite this, America, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom – and other nations providing economic support to Afghanistan – have done little to alter the status quo. Indeed, so-called progressive nations are maintaining a brutal conservative order that crushes all notions of equality in Afghanistan.”

Of course, if the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban desire a permanent “Sunni Islamist Year Zero,” where narcotics are freely available throughout society, then let this nation decide its own fate. Hence, it is time to either seek genuine change in Afghanistan where moderate Sunni forces and secular inroads are supported – or, it is time to stop wasting taxpayers money on a nation that is based on state-sanctioned institutional hatred – and sectarian terrorist forces – that both seek to crush alternative thought patterns.

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