Afghanistan to Christians: Hezbollah leader Nasrallah rebukes Takfiri Jihadists

Afghanistan to Christians: Hezbollah leader Nasrallah rebukes Takfiri Jihadists

Murad Makhmudov, Sawako Uchida, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


His Eminence, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, is one of the most powerful religious leaders in the Middle East. On a day when Shia Muslims have been massacred while celebrating Ashura in Afghanistan in 2016, it is important to listen wholeheartedly to the Secretary-General of Hezbollah. This is based on the endless bloodletting of Sunni Takfiris in countless nations along with religious cleansing, destruction of Christian churches, Shia mosques, Sufi shrines, and the enslavement of Yazidis and other faith groups.

It is worth pointing out that in Lebanon the holy Shia religious leader Nasrallah is focused on more than cordial relations with the main Christian political leader, Michel Aoun. Similarly, Hezbollah in Lebanon desires dialogue with all faith groups and the various sects that exist in this nation. Therefore, Nasrallah condemns the destruction of Christian churches in parts of the Middle East, just like he condemns the destruction of Shia mosques and all religious holy places that are targeted by Sunni Takfiris.

In Lebanon, the holy places of all faiths and sects exist unlike in areas cleansed by Takfiris in many nations – or unlike Saudi Arabia where Christianity is illegal and the same applies to other non-Muslim faiths. Nasrallah, speaking directly to Christians, says “I want to ask the Christians before the Muslims: You are seeing what is taking place in Syria. I am not causing sectarian evocations. Let no one say that Sayyed is doing so. Not at all! Where are your churches? Where are your patriarchs? Where are your nuns? Where are your crosses? Where are the statues of Mary (pbuh)? Where are your sanctities? Where are all of these? What has the world done for them? What did the world do for them previously in Iraq? Aren’t these groups causing all of this in all the regions?”

In a past article by Modern Tokyo Times, it was stated “It is ironic that Hezbollah (Hizbullah) in Lebanon under His Eminence, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, is more concerned about the plight of Christians and other religious minorities, rather than the so-called democratic West. Indeed, it is abundantly clear that America, France, and the United Kingdom are fully behind the emptying of Christians throughout the Middle East based on their close ties with feudal Gulf monarchies. Therefore, while Saudi Arabia bans the Christian faith it is also clear that Western meddling in Iraq, Libya, and Syria, is leading to a catastrophe for the Christian populations of these nations. Indeed, it is even hard to say nations about Iraq and Libya because Gulf and Western destabilization policies have led to failed states. Syria, thankfully, is fighting tenaciously in order to preserve the religious mosaic and to prevent another failed state.”

In the past, Nasrallah equally warned about the threat of Takfiris by relating this to the reality of Afghanistan. He said,  “Because there were some factions in Afghanistan that held this Takfiri, exclusionary, eliminatory, bloody, murderous thought (pattern)…the jihadi Afghani factions entered into a bloody conflict between each other…(jihadists) then destroyed neighborhoods, cities, and villages…such things were not even carried out by the Soviet army…And now, where is Afghanistan?”

Nasrallah continues, “From the day that the Soviets withdrew from till today, bring me one day from Afghanistan where there isn’t killings, wounds (inflicted), displacement, destruction, and where there isn’t difficulty in living. Bring me one day in which there is peace, and happiness in life, because of these (groups)…”

Nasrallah equally points out to the internal bloodlust of Takfiris in Syria who butcher each other. He says “…suicide bombings against each other, killing of detainees and prisoners without any mercy, mass graves, and mass executions… What have they disagreed over? You both follow (Nusra and ISIL) the same methodology, same ideology, same doctrine, same direction, and same Emir (leader). What did they disagree over?”

Nasrallah is stressing strongly that Takfiris in Algeria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, – and now in Syria – are cleansing, killing, persecuting, and destroying because all they know is hatred and “year zero.” – please search for older videos about Hezbollah


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